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  1. I see so many posts w/questions about jeans, I thought I'd share my opinion. Now, I am by no means a fashion stylist, but my hubby was in women's retail (as a teen in his mom's resale shop, a buyer for a major department store, ladies dept. after college, and then owned his own stores) for most of his life, and even he says these are the perfect women's jeans! If you're having trouble finding jeans, you may want to try Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, the Amanda style. After 3 incisions to my lower abdominal area in less than 2 years, (1 ectopic removal while pregnant, then 2 C-sections) I have what I call 'Permanent Hangover'! No matter how much weight I lose, (was a 4 for about a year) or gain back, up to 12 for a while (between 6-8 now) the 'hangover' stays! (Kids are now 7 & 8). The GV's "Amanda" are by far, the best jeans I have found! And I've tried a LOT! They are a bit stretchy, not too much, and higher waisted, not low like the teens are wearing these days! They hold in my 'hangover' very nicely, are very comfy, & don't sag or gap in the back! They come in a variety of styles & colors, (both denim & rainbow) pocket choices: 'Bling', stitched, plain, etc. Leg choices: straight, boot, tapered,,, you get the picture. Even length choices & Plus or Petite! Since they are a classic fit, they don't feel like they're going to fall off like the low waisted styles, and only have a bit of stretch, they don't feel way too big after only a couple hours! I usually get mine at Kohl's, and it seems they are always on sale when I need more! I think the most I've paid is about $27.00 before tax! I know several stores carry them, you may just have to find the store that carries your preference. My local JCP quit carrying the denim, & only carry the 'colors' now. Like many others have mentioned, I also hate to shop, & really have to be in the mood to try clothes on! Something most of us seem to have in common, maybe that's why we all NEED Ms. Smarty Pants! In fact, I don't even bother trying on these jeans anymore, I just go get the size I need, bring 'em home, & they ALWAYS fit as I expect! So glad I found these jeans! I have dressed them up w/boots & nice blouses, down w/T's & sneakers, they always fit the bill! Anyway, Hope this helps someone out there! Amber in TX

  1. I love how different we all are. When I first lost enough weight to need a smaller size jean, I bought a pair of Amanda jeans. And then returned them as, upon closer review, I realized how unflattering they were on me. But different shapes work with different styles so they might be great on others. I'm not knocking the suggestion at all, please understand that. I just find it amusing that a product that works so well for one person can be such a bad choice for another.

  2. And I find that even if I do like one particular style/brand, they change it! Or quit making it! I had relied on a certain style of Levi's that fit to a T. Of course, now, they can't be found anywhere, so I'm starting over. Hate, hate, hate, to shop in stores and try on multiple sizes of jeans. As a petite, many times they only have one or two styles in my size. So I buy a lot online....but only from those places that can be returned in stores. I think I will try these Amanda jeans. I did try on one pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans years ago. They didn't fit. But perhaps I will try again.

  3. C here, bordering on D. The jeans that are fitting and flattering me best at this moment are Coldwater Creek curvy fit boot cuts. Love them. Very little alteration necessary to close the back gap. Not sure where to shop for the Gloria Vanderbilts here in Canada but I will give them a try if I find them. Tummy is not my issue so maybe the Amanda cut is not for me anyway.

  4. I was so excited to try the Amanda jeans, but unfortunately they are a little too "curvy" for me. Right now I have two pairs of Eddie Bauer jeans that I like except the rise is a little short, so I have to be careful what I wear on top so that I have enough coverage.

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