What's with the sizing at Coldwater Creek?

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  1. I got a holiday outfit together. I shopped the sales at Coldwater Creek and found a white shell with silver sequins. It can be dressed up with a black skirt or down with a pair of jeans. But the sizes really depressed me. I’ve been an 8-10 at Coldwater Creek forever. But this time all the mediums I brought into the dressing room were way too small. I had to buy the shell in a 14! I am the same size I have always been. It's not like I gained weight and didn't realize it. It irks me to have a size 14 in the closet. Any advice?

  1. It's not just Coldwater Creek. I have 2 different sizes in my closet that both fit me. Just cut off the tag and enjoy your new shell. Sounds like a great top you will use in many different ways. Even bras and one size hats need to be tried on!

  2. You're not crazy - Coldwater Creek recently re-vamped their sizing. A medium used to be 10-12, a large was 14-16, and an XL was 18. Now a large is 14, an XL 16, and you have to get a women's 1X for an 18. You can see the difference when you check out the size charts for some of the older items in the outlet online, versus the new items with the new chart and different measurements for each size. Having said all that, the new sizing system actually fits me better, even though I now have to buy a 14 or 16 (depending on the fitted-ness of the top) instead of my before medium 12. I just keep preaching truth to myself that I have to buy what fits, no matter what the label says. No one else can read it but me.

  3. I have atleast 3 sizes in tops in my closet, and atleast two sizes of slacks. Because sizing is so different with brands. It makes shopping online difficult. Shoes are almost the same way.

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