Style mission, talking to strangers.

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  1. Just a story to share about an experience I had doing this last summer. I was walking down the street and coming towards me was a woman who was dressed beautifully walking with two younger fellows. I couldn't stop myself from saying something. "You look wonderful! I love your dress." I said. The woman beamed at me and with a big smile said "Thank you, I love you too." "Mama!" One of the young fellows burst out and spoke to her very quickly in a language I don't know. The other young man started apologizing and saying he was sorry that she was rude, her English isn't very good. I laughed and answered that it was not a problem, I didn't think she was rude and would he please tell her what I'd said. A little more family conversation and then the smile that the woman gave me was even bigger than before.

  1. I like to tell people that they look nice too. It makes ME feel good to be able to give someone else a compliment and sometimes you get some good ideas too. :-)

  2. I often compliment a stranger on cute boots or a pretty blouse. Especially women who look unhappy or insecure. There's almost always something to compliment and the way it brightens their face is it's own rich reward. LOVE your story, Suzer1!

  3. LOVE your story Suzer! Thanks for sharing.....I like the 'pay it forward' idea. By paying a compliment we make the world a better place

  4. This gives me courage to tell a young lady who works at my bank that I think she has great style, and I love the colors combinations she puts together!

  5. Ruby, Good for you! I know the young lady at the bank will love hearing that and you'll make a special connection with her (as well as get a better look at how she puts it all together)!

  6. I don't do this as often as I get the impulse. Maybe once out of every five times, I will actually compliment a stranger on her outfit. I should speak up more! Thought it was such a sweet story, suzer1 :)

  7. You may never know the positive impact you have on another person. I complimented a woman who was getting on a commuter train where I had just dropped my husband. Turned out she was on her way to her first day back at work after having chemo for six months! She'd been feeling very self conscious because she was VERY thin and her hair was now pixie short. A simple, "Beautiful skirt!" comment (I learned her story days later, she was a friend of a friend--turned out she "knew" me but I didn't know her) helped her through a tough day.

  8. YES!!! Great posts all of them! We are all special and we all need to hear it from others! There are so many mean spirited people that like to hurt others and I hope there are millions more who like to spread joy. Fuzz - what a great memory for you...I imagine that woman went to work feeling a lot more secure than when she left the house.

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