Makeup and you

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  1. My name is Susan Thompson. I am a subscriber and just so you can get in touch with me, my email is This is not anonymous. I always enjoy gettings your posts every week and have made some real strides in upping my style and my image in the past couple of months. I have to say that Kaycee was right. Look at the picture on your web page of you and Miss Ellie. Objectively. Like you were looking at someone else. You are wearing a nice outfit and nice jewelry: a fairly dressed-up look, but no makeup. It just doesn't match. Just like my tennis shoes don't match when I wear a business dress even though it makes my knees feel better. In other pictures, you are wearing some lipstick and it makes a pretty big difference. I don't wear a lot of makeup either, so I am not talking about spackling it on with a trowel, but when looking at your example pictures, I often think, she could use a little lipstick. I get a lot of mileage out of tinted lipgloss and some eyeliner. As I read back over this, I think the key concept is matching--a unified look. The dressier the clothing or accessories, the more you need a little makeup to dress up your face. Consider. And consider the sources. Free advice is always worth every penny you pay for it. If it's not your style, or if you have other issues, tell everyone else to MYOB. Susan

  1. If you can tell a person is wearing makeup, then she has too much makeup on. Perhaps the critical viewer could use a new mirror or better lighting. I find that navy blue is kinder than black. I have not seen any actual clothes I would like to purchase yet. How about some makeovers?

  2. Dear MSP: kindly I agree with Kaycee and Susan. My e-mail is (email address removed to protect privacy). I love the MSP site and advise and have been a member for one year. I have had the same thoughts as the other 2 individuals for some time now. This is not a personal attack. I am surprised that you reacted so strongly to simple advice from Kaycee.

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