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  1. Hi..I'm an E. I thought that I saw a blog about holiday dressing but I lost it and can't find it now. Can anyone help me get to it? I'm such a computer Thanks

  1. I haven't seen one lately, but MSP did say she would be doing the holiday dressing article soon.

  2. Thank you..I'm not sure what article I saw or even if it was on msp at all right now. lol

  3. By's this week's style topic, LOL! You're mind readers. Can you believe it's only 4 weeks until Christmas. It's time to put together some festive looks!

  4. I think this week's style topic is very brief, unlike most of them. There's one photo (great glitter top), but no more discussion; just the emails, including the rather rude one. cacrider

  5. cacrider, what you are seeing isn't this week's style article. It's just the newsletter (or blog post) letting you know what is coming up this week.

  6. Speaking of holiday dressing, did anyone happen to see the holiday dresses article in the December issue of All You magazine? Every single dress was sleeveless. I shake my head at this because I live in Minnesota and, people, the holiday season occurs in Winter! Sleeveless dresses are just not an option unless you want to accessorize with goosebumps and chattering teeth. I'm looking forward to the MSP article later this week for some different advice. (Last year, I used the holiday dressing guide to put together an outfit of black pants and turtleneck I already owned, with a shiny blouse over it -- tied under the bustline -- and a sparkly necklace and earrings.)

  7. I, too, find it very hard to negotiate this website. I used to have no trouble. Now I often just give up!Couldn't you make it more clear what is what? What's the blog? What's the forum? What's the article? How do I get to the part for my body type?

  8. jennyselle, I'm sorry you're having trouble. The blog, which is what comes in the Monday emails and is also located under the tab at the top of this page, is the preview of what she will be talking about for her podcast (Tuesdays) and her article (Thursdays), along with the Style Mission for the week, plus a few letters from her readers. She used to call it the Chatter Newsletter. The forum is where you can post questions, photos, and other topics, and all the SYSters can read and respond to them. The article and the personal profile for your body type are posted every Thursday, and you get to them by signing in at the top of this page, in the gray square, then click on MY ACCOUNT. It will take you to your personal page, where you then click on "My Personal Profile and Style Articles". There will be 4 weeks worth of articles and profiles, along with other general information. I hope this helps. Hang in there.

  9. In Australia, the holiday season is the middle of summer. Anyone got any suggestions for holiday outfits for hot, humid weather? Jackets, jeans, long sleeves are definitely not happening here!!! But shorts and tank tops/tshirts get a little boring.

  10. For my Southern Hemisphere SYSter...I'd say the same rule applies...WEAR SOMETHING WITH SPARKLE! Of course you'll wear less clothing because it's so hot. For example, a simple sheath dress with rhinestone jewelry or metallic get the idea :)

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