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  1. Is there an easy way to get to this site. Leslie sent me the address yesterday - I had signed in and clicked on the forum listed there, only to get one that is very seldom used. She wrote that people are now using this one, but I didn't see how to click on anything to get here. Right now my only resourse is to save her post (which I do not want to do) and open it, then click on the link. There's bound to be a better way. I guess I'll choose influence for the category as none of them fit a question for information Thanks to anyone who can help me. I have great difficulty with BigTent, not with what Leslie, but with BigTent itself. Do we always have to add the code stuff? Why if that's so?

  1. Jody, I guess nothing is "perfect" yet I do agree with you...I like having posts come to my inbox too. Unfortunately we are not able to do this at this time...HOWEVER, I suggest you go to your "Bookmarks" on your computer and once at the MSP Forum webpage, CLICK SAVE IT to your bookmarks (at the top of your screen)...then it is always there for you to use and click on. You'll probably also want to visit your Personal Profile and will find logging in to BOTH at the same time makes sense :)
    Since writing back to you the first time, I've decided to ADD A FORUM LINK IN EVERY EMAIL I SEND OUT...CLICK IT AND GO RIGHT THERE!
    You will LOVE this style forum! Not only are the ladies kind and helpful and full of great ideas...You can view their posted pictures much easier!
    Love, Leslie MSP

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