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  1. I am a new mom and so with the new baby I've gained new weight. Add to that having to move to another country and my wardrobe is basically ready to start from scratch after getting my personal profile and seasonal color ID. Thing is I'm STILL having trouble choosing which colors I want to go with as a beginning. I know for neutrals I want to use black, charcoal gray and stone taupe, but I just can't seem to decide on what my basic colors will be; and since I can't decide those, I can't make a wardrobe plan that will have pieces that can match together! How many colors besides the neutrals should I choose as I start out? Which ones should I choose? I was told I can choose the icy colors of the winter palette, but does that mean I should limit my use of the darker colors? I tend to gravitate to the darker colors and feel a little boring in lighter, paler colors. My favorite colors from the winter palette are the peacock colors. (I uploaded a sample pallet that I found online) I also LOVE purples and fuschia. My favorite shirt combines a flower pattern with black, dark purple, plum, and fuschia. So how do I go about choosing base colors and accent colors? Any help is really appreciated! :)


  1. Welcome, Sugarplum!! I'm a winter w/ light skin also. In your Seasonal Color Winter Chart email from MSP, look on the last page at the Winter lighter colors. All your peacock colors are there except the gold is not our yellow. Since you love those colors and MSP recommends them, that's where you should start (IMHO!!) There's a lot of purple in the stores now. Maybe try the icy colors next spring and summer. Good luck, SYSter!!

  2. Thank you dzylicz! After thinking about it I went back and took a closer look at all the colors on my favorite shirt, and I realized I could just use those. It was black, dark purple, navy blue, raspberry and baby pink. I think this is a good start since I have a few pieces that fall within this color scheme already, and I look forward to trying the peacock colors later on if I get bored. :)

  3. I also found that wearing colors that bring out the color of my eyes are important to have in my wardrobe. My eyes are blue/green, Chocolate brown brings out the blue and plum brings out the green (MSP recommended those colors for eye shadow), and wearing teal (which is more the color of my eyes) also brings them out, so 3 of my favorite colors have become chocolate brown, teal and plum. What color are your eyes? I'll look it up and see what color would bring them out for you.

  4. Sounds like you are on the right track to me. Your favorite shirt colors brought to mind Japanese paintings. You can look to art for color inspiration.

  5. What is the email you talk about dzylicz please? All I received was my home page with the title "Summer" on it.Do I have to look elsewhere?

  6. Sallyanne, I got an email from MSP with my season ID. In it was a link to click on titled "Winter Color Season and Color Chart". That took me to "Your Seasonal Color Winter Chart". It has celebrity winters, makeup hints, and your color chart to print and carry in your purse. It's a 3-page print out. Hope that helps.

  7. Hmmm...I couldn't get anything of mine to print, which has been frustrating since I wanted something to take with me shopping. I will have to go back and check again. Mine also didn't seem to be a download, just some pages here that I could link to.

  8. Hi Sugarplum, Wonderful wisdom has already been shared as well as your own insights. I am just agreeing. I know when I decorate an easy trick is picking something I love, a piece of art or a cushion, and pull all the colors from it. After all, I already love the combination and a gifted expert combined them! So I think you're brilliant to take your colors from your favorite shirt! Now, about that mustard yellow, have your considered caramel leather boots, shoes, belts, purses? Black and caramel are oh so elegant. Happy decorating - yourself that is!

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