not so much "slimming" as "fitting" my waist

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  1. I appreciate what MSP is trying to say this week about visually slimming a waist. I think I might have that down. My issue is finding pants that fit my waist and everything else at the same time. I'm a petite size 4 with enough of a pot belly to make most jeans I've tried hurt and/or muffin top. Going up a size makes the back waist gap, the seat sag, and at least half the time the pants can be pulled off without undoing them. I really am a size 4 everywhere except the little pot belly. I'm living in yoga pants (and I think I'm rocking them, though it's possible I'm mistaken). I've had maternity jeans suggested and I haven't yet been brave enough to go try them. (I'm 55 years old and would feel funny in a maternity shop.) Any other ideas? My last good pair of jeans was Lee about three years ago, but they changed their styling and/or material and now their size 4 grows so much when I wear them, they sag within an hour. Assuming I can even find size 4 which is rare. Maybe my best shot is to take up yoga to go with the pants that fit! :-) -ginger petite spring B in freezing Boston

  1. Ginger, Have you tried any jeans with elastic around or partically around your waist? I have the opposite problem, but as i have gotten the pot belly, it has been better. I remember seeing Lee jeans with elastic on the sides, but it has been awhile, so I don't know if they still make them or not, but it may be a place to start and several years ago, a friend who I worked with bought the elastic waist at Walmart for a better fit. Good luck finding them! It is chilly her in Ohio, too!

  2. The last time I tried jeans with partial elastic, it irritated my waistline a fair amount. For some reason, the wide stretchy waist of yoga pants doesn't do that. I'll have to have enough look in the stores, I suppose, see what's out there this season. It's discouraging to spend an entire afternoon in a mall and come away with NOTHING when I want jeans. That could be, in part, because I'm horrified at the idea of spending over $100 for one pair of jeans. No guy I know is doing that, plus their denim tends to be sturdier, so why am I going to spend a fortune on fashion denim? Oh, right, because that's all I can find. Don't mind me, mostly just venting. This has been going on for years now. -ginger

  3. Ginger, I say, go with what's comfortable. I've been wearing knit pants myself and since I don't tuck in, they look fine, I think. I've been wearing Effortless Style by Citikinz (I think that's how you spell it). It's just comfortable on my pot belly and as long as they are in my colors and support my pretty tops well, I think it's fine. I have not tried on any NYDJ brand jeans as I need to lose more weight before I spend a lot on jeans, but you seem to be nice and thin already, so they might be worth trying on. There are also Granny type knit pants that I bought on ebay by mistake, but they are very comfortable as the waist band is all the way up by my bra. Then there is nothing irritating the tummy area. They are Susan Graver pants.

  4. Ginger, if you see this, you may want to try Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, the Amanda style! I'm not petite, or a size 4, but after 3 incisions to my lower abdominal area in less than 2 years, (1 ectopic removal, while pregnant, then 2 C-sections) I have what I call 'Permanent Hangover' no matter how much weight I lose, (was a 4 for about a year) or gain back (between 6-8 now)! The GV's "Amanda" are by far, the best jeans I have found! And I've tried a LOT! They are a bit stretchy, not too much, and higher waisted, not low like the teens are wearing these days! They hold in my 'hangover' very nicely, are very comfy, & don't sag or gap in the back! Hope this helps! Amber

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