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  1. This is probably mostly whining. I keep reading about how it is important to find THE RIGHT jeans if you want to look put together. And how you have to try on numerous pairs of jeans before you find the perfect jeans. I also read about how you must, absolutely must, avoid mom jeans. This causes my stress level to increase dramatically. How do I know what are the perfect jeans? How do I know they are not mom jeans? I look at examples online and I honestly cant tell when I see two pictures of the same woman where one pair is right and one pair is wrong. How many do I have to try on? How do I accomplish this when I have three small children at home and I hate to shop?
    What I do know is that I'll need to buy some jeans soon. I have one pair, see photo, and I am aware that these are not right for me. They fit waist wise and length wise, but they are too big in the hips and thighs, leaving me with that dreaded problem of a sagging seat. These are mom jeans right?


  1. I thought mom jeans were high-waisted, large-pocketed, and baggy-seated. Perhaps a slim-fit jean would work for you? I know Levis and Lee Riders have lots of different waist styles and fit types. If you hate to shop and have a friend who loves it, ask her to go with you (your hubbies can hang with your kids for the afternoon) and get a bunch of jeans in your general size range and then try them on, one by one, until you find one that makes you say, "Oh! That's what MSP meant!" They're out there, I promise!

  2. Those jeans definitely don't fit. I doubt you will have much trouble, looks like you are thin and well proportioned. Don't be scared!

  3. Try Gloria Vanderbilt "Amanda" style! They're a classic fit, a bit stretchy, not too much, and if you ARE a mom, cover any 'hangover' or 'pooches' (I have 'Permanent Hangover' from 3 surgeries in less than 2 years) really well! Amber

  4. Thank you for the recommendation Amber! I'll look into it. I did end up buying a pretty pair of trouser type jeans at the Limited, they are snug through the hips and thighs and then have a straight leg. I like the look of them a lot, but they could have a higher rise. I'm trying to figure out if maybe I bought a size too big. They fit nice and snug when I tried them on in the store, and didn't even THINK to try on a size down because this size (the one I was trying) was even smaller than I thought I was. I think the Limited has some serious vanity sizing problems. Anyway, they are a stretch denim and after wearing them a while they start to creep down as if there is too much "give" to really keep them firmly in place (I have no hips ). So I think I've done okay, but could do better...

  5. I'm looking at those Amanda jeans now. It looks like I can try them on at Kohl's, and they're not too pricey at all!

  6. Rachel: so how'd you like them? I should have mentioned Kohl's, but wasn't sure if it was okay to mention store names! That's where I get mine, seems they're always on sale when I need more! They also have lots of 'pocket styles' (someone mentioned something about pockets in this, or another post) some with 'Bling', some with stitching, some plain, etc. Again, I like them because they are flattering to my 'mom' body/belly, not too stretchy, and I don't feel like they're falling off like the low waisted styles! And, in lots of colors (shades of denim, & colors as well) & styles to choose from, I always seem to find the 'perfect' pair! I'm only upset that my local JCP quit carrying them (Amanda style GV's) except in the 'color' line. I like the denim ones best, they seem more classic. Just my opinion! Amber Boyle Aboyle143

  7. Costco has been carrying the Amanda jeans at really reasonable prices! But I am noticing a difference in fit between colors (same size). Some hold shape well, others stretch out. Love the majority of them!

  8. Rachael: post a pic with the new jeans!!! We'd love to see them :)

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