long skirts and loafers?

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  1. Hi, I would love to hear your opinion about this!! I wear long skirts year-round, with the length varying from 2 inches or so below the knee (this would be a "short" skirt for me) to around ankle length (a "long" skirt for me). Style is either a slim a-line or fit and flare gored skirt. I am trying to figure out how to stay stylish with my footwear, yet comfortable for business, everyday errands, etc. During winter I can wear boots with long skirts and it makes a nice line, and in summer sandles. What about spring and fall? I like a higher vamp shoe because I do a lot of walking and shoes like ballet flats just fly right off my foot. Same with heels, with all the walking I do (we don't have a car) I need the shoes to be comfy first and look nice second:) Do loafers or oxfords work with long skirts or am I channelling my inner granny when I do that? Do you know of any photos I can get insiration from? I see mile high heels always paired with long skirts and I am out of ideas. Thanks for any input!!

  1. I looked back in one of MSP's older articles, and she said that loafers and long skirts are a no-no. Have you tried shoes with low wedges, or kitten heels?


  2. Or, if the weather gets colder, what about a ankleboot or a cowboyboot? That would give it a bit more umph. Usually you can also walk in those kind of boots very well. kind regards, Bettina

  3. Looking back through the fall preview, MSP showed a heeled oxford that would look nice.

  4. How about a pair of MaryJanes? The strap would help keep your foot in. Just make sure that they are not a clunky style. I've seen oxfords shown with skirts but I think it's a hard look to pull off.

  5. I would likely wear my trusty Clarks.

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