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  1. Hey, Ladies! My mom and I just spent an hour and a half purging my closet. As we were starting, I actually had to take a moment and pray for an attitude adjustment. I was feeling like those clothes were yet another thing I was going to have to give up in my life. But God is good and we continued. At the end, we got rid of 2 kitchen-sized bags full of nice clothes that will bless someone else! And I can see what I do have. It all fits and flatters, and I have quite a few new outfits in mind! Especially layering pieces. Mom wants to do more and I do have cubbies with t-shirts and pants that need looked at. Not sure if I'm up for it, but we are kind of on a roll, so I might work some more. How are you doing?

  1. And I obviously need to learn how to separate paragraphs, if someone could tip me?

  2. Hooray!! It looks like my Saturday is setting it's own agenda, so I'm not sure I'll get to do a purge tomorrow. Maybe Sunday afternoon.

  3. Congratulations, Jennbro. I've been working on my closet, too, and had to take lots of deep breaths to make myself do it. It isn't easy saying goodbye to clothing that reminds us of good times, even if it is now is out of style and doesn't fit. (Aren't we strange creatures!) There is a payoff, however. The closet looks better already and it is so much easier to see what is usable and what is needed. I find I can't stay at it too long, however. It works better for me to take it in sections. Good luck!

  4. Don't think you CAN separate your paragraphs! I've posted several times, & even put a couple 'returns' between paragraphs, only to find they all run together! Wish we could, it irritates me sometimes! But I'm trying hard to let go of my perfectionism when it comes to writing,,, and everything else! ;-) Amber aboyle143

  5. An organized closet is such a gift to ourselves! Most women figure no one sees it, so why bother? Especially if our closet has become really disorganized then it's something we procrastinate about.Once we get rid of the nice clothes we aren't wearing (as sad as it is) we are so happy because we can then move forward with our style. We also feel good because we are blessing someone else with wonderful clothes!

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    Thanks ladies...keep on posting! I love reading how well you are all doing on your style journeys!

  6. Oh, sorry MSP! New to forum, & didn't know city was not allowed! I saw the 1st time I posted that your staff deleted my email for privacy, so have not been adding that anymore! I will abide by the rules! Again, sorry! Whoops!
    Thanks for showing us how to separate our paragraphs! Amber, aboyle143

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