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  1. I have a nice pair of lined straight-leg wool pants that I really like. The problem is that they really are too loose around the hips/butt and look a little bit tentlike on me. Do you think it's worthwhile to seek out a tailor to alter them or would it cost as much as a pair of new pants?

  1. You never know until you try :-)

    Elaine in CO

  2. A pair of pants you love is always worth it. In my experience the tailoring is pretty reasonably priced. I believe that clothes we enjoy are worth the trouble. I have some clothes I really like that no longer fit after losing some weight hut I saved them to try instead of maternity clothes with my next child.

  3. I agree, take 'em to an alteration shop for a bid.

  4. I suggest taking them to a tailor for altering and see how much it would cost to get them properly fitted. If it is cheaper to buy a new pair that fits correctly already then buy the new pair and donate these. If the cost of alterations is reasonable, go for it. Aleration costs vary widely by location. A service that is very affordable in one community can be prohibitively expensive in another.

  5. I'm thinking that with a lining it may be more costly to have altered; however it is certainly worth getting an estimate on. It may be costly but also much less than trying to replace. I once took in pants to get an estimate on and was told it was not worth it. They were not lined wool. Just basic $30 pants I could replace easily at Macy's.

  6. Sometimes Groupon or Living Social will have coupons for alterations in our area, so you can save that way too, if it is something they have near you.

  7. Rachel: do you have a dry cleaner that you regularly use? I found that the alterations @ our dry cleaner were considerably less than a tailor, or alteration shop! I had to take in a formal gown and, being a SHE (if you also are a flybaby you know what I mean) needed it back next day. The alterations were PERFECT & it only cost me $20 to get the bust, straps & sides taken in, (I have almost no breasts w/o a wonder bra!) and hemmed almost 2 inches! Not bad for a $400.00 (originally) gown that I ended up paying $180.00 (discount + coupon) for at the outlet mall! Also, hubby would take in suit pants as he lost weight, think we paid less than $15.00 per pair, & these were also very expensive suit pants! Just a thought! May be worth a try! Also, I tried to 'find' you, to email you personally. I gave the suggestion about the GV Amanda jeans. Did you get to try some on? If so, what did you think? I left a comment on that post as well! Hope you are able to find a solution! I know how it is when you LOVE a garment, but come to need it altered! Amber, aboyle143

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