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  1. Hi! I'm Rachel and I just joined MSP because I am fashion challenged and am tired of it. I'm tired of walking into a social situation all too aware that I am wearing my standard worn out uniform of jeans or khakis with a solid color t-shirt, short sleeves for summer, long sleeves for winter. I hate clothes shopping, it stresses me out to no end, so my wardrobe is both threadbare and full of crisis clothing purchases. I'm hoping MSP and this community an help me! Speaking of crisis clothing purchases, I have a question about one. Last week, just before I joined MSP, I felt I needed to get something to stretch my cool weather wardrobe. I was in the mall and found a sweater dress that I really liked the fit and look on me, so I bought it. When I came home, I told my DH that I bought a dress. He was pleased to hear it until I told him it was brown, then he made a comment about colorless clothes, making me realize that he wished to see me in more color. Sigh. I understand the sentiment, but at the same time I liked this dress and had no choice on color. Can you tell me if there is any way to make this dress into an outfit with some color? It is this dress, except the top portion is that darker grayish brown color from the skirt. If not, I may return it. I really have no idea if it is a neutral in my seasonal color spectrum. I'll have MSP figure that out as soon as I can figure out how to upload my photos to her questionnaire. Thanks!

  1. Hi Rachel,

    You can do a lot with that dress. You can use jewelry, scarves, jackets and sweaters to add color. If it suits your body type and coloring I think it's a definite keeper. Elaine in CO

  2. I agree dress it up with leggings, purses, and jewelry.

  3. and boots. I think sweater dresses and boots are made for each other! LOL!!

  4. Don't worry if DH doesn't like an outfit now and then. He may get used to it, and even end up liking it. If he has good taste, by all means take him shopping. If he doesn't, you could end up looking like Tammy Faye.

  5. Hi! I can relate... threadbare wardrobe, fashion challenged. Budget is smaller than ever before and my uniform is jeans or black yoga pants paired with a short sleeved or long sleeved solid color v-neck. I wear the same necklace, every day, and I'm either wearing athletic shoes or tired old Birks. For me, it's way past time for a change. Best of luck on your style journey! :)

  6. The most important thing is that you tried on something that gave you made you feel so good when you tried it on, that you had to have it. That makes me believe that it probably does suit your color palette. And I think this dress is great! The pattern is rich and tasteful, very Missoni-inspired. Not at all boring or bland. For an added pop of color (which, in truth, I don't think it really needs) - I can picture a rich, cherry or cranberry red cashmere scarf, or small earrings, or a long, delicate necklace. If you try to dress to please others, you are never going to be quite comfortable in your own skin. Always go with what makes you feel great!

  7. I hope you kept that dress it is darling! Tights and boots would be adorable. I might wear it with a jean jacket or a leather bomber jacket for another look. Super cute!

  8. I LOVE that dress. Boots and tights or leggings would be perfect with it. I also like the suggested jean jacket to dress it down some. I wish I could wear something that figure hugging but alas my hips are just too wide.

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