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  1. Hello, fellow MSP followers! I have a confession to make. I have not done the MSP closet purge. Yet. I am excited to take the challenge of no shopping for 30 days and realize that in order to figure out new outfits, I need to get rid of a lot of stuff. Not stuff that I don't care for. Stuff that doesn't fit me at my current weight. Cute little t-shirts that are NOT basics and cannot be worn more than one way. Dresses that I rarely wear. Etc. Why am I taking the challenge and purging the closet NOW? Because I am getting married in May and moving in to my fiance's small space. It is just not worth it to cram in stuff that doesn't work for me. In the past 2 years I have decluttered an abusive ex-husband, my house (living with Mom), 8 cats, and 1/2 of my stuff- accumulated over 20 years. I can take on a closet! And I will! Anyone else up for this? I don't know about you, but I could use some major encouragement. :-)

  1. I'll do the closet purge with you! Honestly, I'm not sure how much I have to get rid of, but I need to do it if for no other reason than to sort of inventory what I have in hopes that MSP can help me figure out how to incorporate it into my rotation. (My DH owns at least 3x the quantity of clothes that I do if thats tells you anything!) Cant' do the 30-day shopping fast. I actually joined MSP so that SOMEBODY could tell me what to buy - so that I'll be clothed this fall/winter! Too much shopping is not a problem for me. Besides a sweater dress I bought last week, the last time I bought something for myself was about a year ago when I needed some long sleeved shirts I could easily nurse my newborn in. Time to break the fast. I found the article inspiring. The first picture made me realize that I could use a black crewneck knit cardigan I have with a white blouse. I'm always embarrassed when I wear that cardigan because the sleeves are too short (all too common with my long arms), but if I turn over the cuffs of a white blouse like that to cover it, maybe it will work. Worth a try!

  2. BTW - congratulations!

  3. I'm in for both the closet purge and the 30 day challenge. I just got started but I have already both some basics I needed. So I think I can make the thirty days; I do still have some definite gaps. I've spent some time purging but only the east stuff; things I hate or don't fit. Should we pick any item to start with? Flyladu babysteps? I'm struggling with super casual wear; t shirts, sweatshirts, pjs, workout clothes. Any one up for t shirts first?

  4. I'll do the closet purge too. After reading t his weeks article I realized I really need to go thru my stuff and figure out what stays and what goes. I am so ready to get rid of clothes that I am not wearing or that no longer help me feel good about myself.

  5. Thanks for joining me, ladies! Sounds like we're all ready to do this! My mom is a manic organizer and a rabid thrower-away-er, so she nearly burst with exitement when I told her I was ready to purge. She's so cute! I only work a half day on Fridays, so after I have lunch with my dear fiance, Mom and I are digging in. I'm kindof an all or nothing kind of girl, so will probably just take everything out of the closet and throw it on my bed, then sort and toss and only hang back up those things that I love and that flatter my D-figure. AND in proper order. Since I left my X, I felt free to buy whatever made me happy. Kind of like a reward for taking that very hard step in to my future. But now those things are dragging me down, so OUT they GO! Hope they will bless someone else!

  6. P.S. to RachelAbigail- I have long arms, too! I think the white cuffs folded up, plus pushing the sleeves up a bit, to look like 3/4 sleeves, will be really cute! Congratulations on your little one!

  7. I'm doing the purge too, but it won't take me long at all. Most of the stuff I had I had to leave behind when I moved cross country, and only the stuff that fit me post baby is staying. Now I'm refining down to the things that fit my C body type and the colors I want in my color scheme. Good luck to you!

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