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  1. What picture formats are allowed in the color ID questionnaire? I recently ordered a color ID and got a questionnaire back. I find the questions difficult to answer, and hoped that the pictuers I attatched would expain it all. - But I am not allowed to attach pictures in the format my camera uses (.jpg). I might be able to convert the files. Please tell me, what picture formats has worked for you? Thanks :-)

  1. Me too! I haven't been able to figure it out! I'm almost ready to just try emailing my picture to MSP.

  2. Well, I just tried uploading two photos, both 1.3 MB, both jpgs. One uploaded easily, the other one I just kept getting the error message. A jpg is the standard image file in the industry--can't imagine what else they would want. I upload photos on several websites--this is the only one I've ever had any trouble with, so I'm guessing something is wrong with their software. I emailed and was told that my file was too big (no it wasn't, it was the exact same size as the other one and smaller than the 2MB maximum). So I don't have an answer for you, just some commiseration! Be sure and email admin and let them know you are having a problem--maybe they will realize that it's something they need to look into.

  3. Yes, do let our customer service know. There should not be any problem if an image is below 2MB.
    If you must, you can fill out your survey for me, then email your photo to me at: (please make a notation on your survey if you have had to send it separately so I'll know). Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience. Tech support will have to see if there is anything happening on our end. Love you, Leslie MSP

  4. I got my DH to upload a couple of pictures for me. He said my problem was that it wouldn't take a file that had .JPEG rather than .jpeg. Apparently the all caps was the problem. I tried myself later on this forum and it worked fine. Good luck!

  5. Thanks to everyone who did their best to help me. First I will try .jpeg instead of .JPEG or .jpg. If it wont work, I will send an e-mail to Leslie to have the ID done. I am hopefull and a bit excited that in some days I should know my colours.

  6. I also joined the color ID group and had a problem with the photo going through. I is challenging for us less than computor techies.

  7. I had this problem and ended up taking photos with my I phone and adding them instead of the better ones from my camera. It worked easily that way.

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