A with an undefined waist

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  1. I am a A shape with a undefined waist. My struggle is to disguise that area. Most of the clothing ideas are with form fitting shirts,blouses and tees. At this time I'll wear a lightweight sweater but need help with blouse to cover my middle without looking too baggy and unshapely. Also I would love to wear belts to give me a waist but the belt only brings attention to that area. Any suggestion?

  1. I did hear an idea recently of wearing a belt higher than the waist, up under the bust. Also, maybe a blouse with an empire waist that flows more loosely below the bust might smooth out that area.

  2. Are you sure you are an A?

  3. I am a body type B, however I am not happy with my waist also, what I do a lot, is wear a tank top or a t-shirt with a cardi over the top. It narrows the visual so you aren't really showing that much at one time. I will wear a black t-shirt with a blue cardi, or a black t-shirt with a grey cardi, just add a necklace based on the neckline of the top, if my top is v-neck short necklace, if more jewel neck I go longer, or a thin scarf. You also could add a belt on the top and let it show a little with the cardi over the tee, or a belt over the cardi, but leave it open a little.

  4. I am also an A with an undefined waist and I recommend- tops with ruching, faux-wrap styles, cardigans over cami (as the previous poster mentioned). I have been working on using scarves to make the visual length more of a focus.

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