Do scarves really look great on everyone?

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  1. Body type C here. I'm not sure that they do. I will use myself as an example. I heavier than I should be, but not by much I have a round face and a short neck. I think the short neck might just be the clincher here. When I look in a mirror while wearing a scarf I immediately pull it off thinking "That is so not good." and I rush off to find some other way to accessorize an outfit. To look my best I need open necklines (Vee necklines are my favorite) and collars that lie smooth. I have not found any way to wear a scarf that does not end up looking bunched up either around my throat, across the back of my neck, or both. Scarves seem to accentuize the negative and hide the positive for me. So much of the advice from MSP has been very helpful, it is interesting to find something that she encourages that I can't find a way to make work. What do you think? Are scarves a good choice for everyone?

  1. I kind of have the same problem, and the only way I've found so far is to tie it partway down my front. Admittedly I have only had this work with one scarf, which is evidently lightweight enough and the right length not to look bulky.

  2. I couldn't find a way to make a scarf look decent on me (I'm a D) but a friend helped me out.
    I have long thin scarves and she told me to tie the two ends together and then put the scarf on. Twist it round once and put it over your head again.
    It looks really good now and doesn't come undone or flop around and look untidy.

  3. I am also a D, with not a large bust. I am LOVING the way scarves look on me! I am nearly 6 feet tall and my neck is fairly long, so I don't have your particular problem. But I feared adding bulk to my front, where my tummy is not flat. Of course, not every person looks good in any one item. I tie my long, thinnish scarf loosely so that the knot is just above my bra center and let it hang down. I have also tied it with one loose bow hanging down and it looks pretty good. It does not look as good for me to have a scarf wound around my neck, and I'm pretty sure that shorter D's are benefitted by a vertical accessory (long necklace, etc.). Happy scarf-wearing!

  4. I'm a C too and I love scarves! I am short-waisted and don't like anything tight around my neck, so some ways of wearing a scarf don't work for me. I often wear them either tied low in front, giving a long V shape or looped around from the front to the back of my neck and the ends draped back to the front, but not pulling the front loop up tight. The scarves can't be too bulky or textured or they make my neck itch. I find a patterned scarf works well. Keep trying different types and styles, I'm sure you'll find something that works for you.

  5. I am a body type B and I also have a short neck. My hair is collar bone length. My scarf is either tied in a knot and double looped around my neck, or you can actually wrap a necklace around the scarf to make it a little less bulky looking, when you do the loop effect. I also tie my scarf in a low knot as the other posted stated. I have a fuller bust and I am worried about looking too top heavy in the chest and waist areas that I am most concerned about. I too don't use the bulky scarf styles..just the thinner fabric but colorful, and it all seems to work. However, it does take some getting used to. I also tie two thin scarves together if I want something a little thicker to work with. Also if I don't do a high contrast between the top and the scarf that seems to help with the look not being too bulky.

  6. I do not really agree that scarves look great on everyone, but it depends on how you tie the scarf. There are many different ways to tie a scarf, and if you tie it right, it should look good.

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