What wedding dress works with body type D?

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  1. Hello, Ladies! I am getting married on May 31st, 2013! Yay! I will attach a pic of my wedding dress later, but it is a strapless one with ruching at the bodice and an empire waist with black beaded sash. It made my mom cry, and I teared up, too. It fit like a glove, off the rack, and was on clearance, so I bought it! Do you think it will work with my type D shape? I am nearly 6 feet tall, but have gained some weight since a hysterectomy last summer. As I said, I will post a pic later and see what you all think. What dress did you pick and did you relate it to your body type? Or just what made you happy?

  1. I can't wait to see the photo when you post it. Pretty sure you and your mom would not have teared up over a dress that didn't suit you!

  2. Here are a few pix of my dress, if I can figure out how to attach them. :-)


  3. And here is my dear little Mamala and I, after the tears.


  4. It's really lovely, Jennifer!!

  5. Beautiful. You look fantastic. No wonder there were tears. This dress is an excellent choice for you.

  6. Love this dress. You look amazing. Great choice. x

  7. Stunning! I would never have thought of a big black bow, but it sure looks good.

  8. I agree with the other comments. You look fabulous!!

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