Something to wear to a funeral

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  1. Before I get started, I already know that making a flashy fashion statement isn't appropriate for a funeral! But I would like to ask if anyone has any ideas on making a black suit a tiny bit more updated than just a cream blouse and a gold necklace for a funeral. I don't think the weather will be nice so I will be wearing black boots as well-thanks!

  1. Personally, I don't think I would be trying to be more fashionable than what you described, Leslie. Maybe a scarf tied onto your purse or a deep-colored statement necklace (burgundy, plum, navy)?

    Elaine in CO

  2. I would wear a blouse or shell that added some color and brightness. No cleavage, and probably not a shimmery or sparkly fabric, but a flattering color that would pop against the black. Sorry for your loss. Last year at this time I did the eulogy at my dear aunt's funeral. I wore a business suit, knee length navy pencil skirt, duster length matching suit coat (with no lapels ... not a menswear type of girl), navy tights and pumps and a lime green jewel necked knit shell. I also wore a string of hand made beads in navy, green and yellow to give a false V-neck impression over the shell. For most of the event I wore the jacket done up, with just a bit of color showing at the neckline, but opened the jacket buttons when visiting with family at the tea after the funeral. This is my go-to outfit for when I want to feel calm, competent, and professional. It works for public speaking engagements, job interviews, important meetings and also is appropriate for funerals depending on what blouse, shoes and accessories I wear with it.

  3. You might considering adding texture instead of/in addition to a second color. A fur or faux fur collar and/or cuffs (if it's cold where you are!). Or black fine-gauge fishnets or a black lace that isn't a huge pattern, in a more opaque tight. Suede or patent shoes or belt. A silk or crinkled gauze scarf.

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