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  1. I am attending a semi=formal event in late November and have a problem with buying anything dressy. I cannot wear any low necklines because of mastectomy scarring. I am and E...heavy thru the midsection, but I do have slim hips and legs. Any suggestions?? I am, dare I say it, 70 yrs. old with salt and pepper hair. I'd like to look pulled together for this important charity event. Thanks for any suggestions.

  1. I'd say go with a swingy, 60's-inspired dress - something with a higher neck, an empire waist fitted beneath the bustline, and either a long chiffon sleeve that comes in tightly at the wrist, or a fitted sleeve. Shimmer opaque tights in a nude color, with a nude-color shoe. Or black shimmer tights/black shoes. Something uniform. And some bright earrings to draw the eye up. Think Tina Turner singing Proud Mary, or the style of dress the ladies wear in the finale of the show "Jersey Boys".

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