Winter coat accessoirs

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  1. Hi! Read the article about winter coats, but had hoped for more information on how to accessoire a great wintercoat. I bought a hillariously expensive but huge flattering, black winter coat 6 years ago, and am looking for tips on how to freshen it up with accessoirs this (presumably) last (due to the fraying of the lining) season of wearing it. Its a single-breasted, kneelength, black classic coat. I usually end up wearing it with black leather glows, a black beret and a pashmina type of scarf in a bright color. Ideas for brighting it up? I'm a winter seasonal color by the way..

  1. I'll bet a pair of red boots would look awesome with it! Maybe red leather gloves, too, or a red beret. (I'm a huge fan of red accessories:) Or, animal print scarf. Or long, multi-colored scarf.

  2. how about a pin or brooch on the lapel?

  3. What about choosing a winter accent color.. like hot pink or fuchsia or a purple then get gloves,a scarf or shawl and really brighten up the black. maybe even a bag in the bright color. I would also add a nice brooch to the lapel and also maybe look for something Christmasy for the holidays. even a bright royal blue could look good.

  4. If you love your coat, and it looks great on you, and you already invested a lot of money, I would consider taking it to a dressmaker and having a new lining put in. Wedding boutiques, a professional theatre (Equity), ballet, or opera company, or the theatre/dance department of a local university should be able to recommend a good seamstress. I have a straight, long black leather coat I bought new on eBay a few years ago. I've been able to do a number of looks with it, because it really is like having a blank canvas to work with... If I want a rich, European look, I wear a dark scarf, black fitted leather gloves (eBay) and a vintage fox fur collar and cuffs (also eBay), and either a fitted vintage black velvet beret-style hat(eBay), or a black cadet cap I bought at Target. If I want a little more severe, military or fetish look, I wear a silk or cashmere scarf wrapped and knotted like an ascot and tucked into the collar, fitted gloves, and the wool cadet cap or a pale pink leather military-style cap. Usually I wear fitted boots (heels or flats), or a high-heel pump with a thick, opaque tight. Or for something more casual, I'll loop a brightly colored pashmina around my neck, or wear some brightly colored or embroidered gloves. I also try and make sure the bag is a good 'weight' for whatever look I want to wear. It would look odd to carry a delicate satin clutch, with my leather coat... Nearly all of my scarves and gloves have come from eBay. Hats, I find on eBay and Etsy - but most of the ones I wear came from Target.

  5. Doh! I forgot the page breaks in the previous post!

    One thing I meant to say is, it helps if your accessories can be worn with whatever outfit you are wearing underneath. So that you don't have to remove and keep track of a vast array of pins, gloves, scarves, etc.

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