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  1. We are heading out on vacation soon and will be spending 4 days at Disney World theme parks as well as one at one of the water parks. I think it can be hard to look and feel stylish when you are out in the heat, riding rides that blow your hair all around, and you have to be in shoes you can walk all day in. I have some nice Clarks and also a pair of Merrill sandals that work for walking, and we go to Disney with some frequency, so I have some go-to items but I haven't bought a lot new and don't want my pictures this year to look like pictures from previous years.

    I leave in a little over a week for a 2 week vacation, in addition to the park days, we'll be doing some dressier activities with some nice nights out, and everything needs to fit in my carryon...well most everything since my sister paid for a checked bag and she has offered me a little space since I did all the planning.

    The Disney boards are full of good touring info but so many people say they don't fix their hair, wear makeup, or care about what they look like while at Disney. I think that is great if that is how you feel, but that isn't me. Obviously I won't be doing fancy hair or much makeup, but I want to look nice regardless as this is my anniversary trip :) I think style should translate to any situation right?

  1. Aspen, Absolutely! Style is for every day. Of course you keep it tailored to your activities. No one would want to wait in the bathroom line all day to keep fixing their face! I go with waterproof mascara, shiny lip tint I can put on without a mirror, sunscreen, and a hair clip. I would pack a stretchy packable dress, funky big earrings, and sandals for dressy. For park hopping, fatigue-style capris or bermudas with lots of pockets and cruddy old t shirt: switch to new park t shirt when I get there and trash the old one. Add a new pair of mouse-head post earrings. Now I look festive and don't have to carry souveniers in my hands. All purse-type stuff gets stashed in my pockets. Disposable, reusable plastic water bottle tied to belt loop. I look like a tourist, but I can trot back into the Rockin Rollercoaster line quick. I like to eat in the airconditioning, this cools me off and gives me a break. I wouldn't dare do a theme park in anything but supersneakers!

  2. We do Disney nearly every year with our 4 kids and I like to look decent for all those photos too! Last year we went, I wore knee length skirts with mary jane type sneakers (I think they are sketchers) and t-shirts. I was wondering if the skirts would work out okay but they were way more comfortable than shorts or capris and looked better too. A skort would work too I suppose but they are a bit shorter than I like usually... I have a near pixie type hair cut so my hair isn't a big issue but I wore regular make up with waterproof mascara and it worked out fine. For a purse, I carried a cross body wallet on a string type bag that was great for rides and didn't weigh me down too much. For the waterpark, we got a locker and I simply wore water shoes, swim shorts for the bottom of my swim suit and a tankini top that met the top of my shorts. Worked very well and I felt like I could throw my legs around on the water rides without flashing everyone! :) For nice dinners out, I agree with packing a wrinkle-resistant dress (takes up way less room), sandals and some jewelry. Everything is casual and you will look nice, comfortable and pulled together. Have a great time! Amy in MI

  3. I am a Florida girl, and I used to go frequently when I was younger. I still make it to Disney every few years, it's always such a fun experience! I've been in a variety of weather conditions, and I always 'pack' and dress accordingly - for what can be a 12-14 hour day, depending on park hours.

    First and foremost, I forego a regular purse, and carry a small canvas Roxy backpack. That thing has been around the world with me, held up beautifully, and still looks cute and fresh. In my backpack, I take:

    A rain poncho that folds up to a tiny size, and a portable umbrella. I've been caught in more un-forecasted downpours at Florida theme parks than I care to think about!

    An extra, long-sleeve tissue-tee, just in case the temperature drops - they have ridiculously cold AC on many of the attractions- or in case of unforeseeable events. A seagull pooped on my mom once at Disney World, and she wound up buying a completely new outfit of clothing. We still laugh about that!

    I take a travel-size bottle filled with sunscreen, a travel-size antiperspirant, lip color, cheek color that can double for eyes, and an eyeliner. A travel-size hairbrush, and a ponytail holder. Eyedrops, advil, and some pepto-bismol tablets. Sudafed, and an antihistamine, because it is Florida, land of year-round things blooming. A small emery board. A travel package of kleenex. A couple of moist towelettes (nice on a really really hot day). Travel toothbrush and paste. And bandaids! I find I usually use most, or all of these things, on the average 12-hour sight-seeing day.

    Snacks - miniature candy packs (M&Ms, Kit-kats), or an energy bar, or a little bag of pretzels. They sell food and snacks at Disney World, but if you're standing in line and hungry, a little pick-me-up is great!

    I also bring a small wallet - which is tucked down securely into the pack. When I zip the pack, I pull the zipper down and around to the side, to discourage theft while standing in line

    I wear shorts that are flattering for my body, and easy to move in, and a cute fitted top that breathes well (cotton or coolmax). Small earrings and maybe a bracelet. I don't like jewelry around my neck in very hot weather, but a cotton bandana tied safari-style is very nice to have. I usually wear ballet flats with good support, or dance sneakers, because they are sturdy, lightweight, and very flexible, so my feet feel good.

    In all of this, the focus is to have a great time, and have wonderful memories - but all of that is enhanced by feeling pretty and fresh and stylish :) I hope you have a wonderful time!!!

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