are panty hose old school??

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  1. I have a couple of skirts I would like to be wearing to church on sundays; one is a very dark fitted denim and the other is brown with a tiny fleck of black and is fitted at the hips with a tiny flare - it hits just below my knees - the denim is about an inch above my knees. I have pair of cute brown boots that go wll with both skirts but I also have a couple of pairs of shoes I would like to wear. My daughters tell me that flesh or tan panty hose are out - what do I do? I am a "b" with fairly heavy thighs and calves - would cream colored tights work? I just really like the brown skirt but I cannot picture what to wear on my legs??

  1. I don't think they are old school if you are going to a formal event or work etc. I think they would be fine in church! I think wearing hose everyday is probably a little dated but it depends on the weather where you are and your personal style! I like tights/hose that are not completely opaque, in the color of your skirt. They look ver smart with shoes/pumps

  2. You have only to look at the Duchess, Kate, to be reassured that flesh-colored stockings are most assuredly 'in'! Kate would never wear a bare leg in a skirt or dress, unless she is at the beach. I don't know how heavy the denier is on your stockings though. For flesh colors, I think a very sheer stocking or hose is best. Thigh-high stockings are a lot of fun, and they will completely change how you feel wearing nude colors! Or if you go for thicker hosiery, get something with a shimmer and wear a dressier shoe.

    You also have the option of flesh-colored fine-gauge fishnets, I think those are uber-chic and they break up the line a bit.

    I very occasionally wear cream-color tights with a cream-color sweater dress I own, and boots. I don't really know how the cream would look with brown shoes. Why not try a test-run at home for an afternoon, and see how you feel?

  3. Fine-gauge fishnets are great fun to wear! Very sexy.

  4. Old school???? Definitely not. I will never forget something a gentleman once said, although I cannot remember his name. He said that ladies wear hose. And I feel he is right. I know that I feel extremely uncomfortable without pantyhose when I wear a skirt/dress and I don't like the feel of bare feet in dress shoes. However, to each her own, but I will continue wearing pantyhose when I wear dresses and skirts. And I wear tan/suntan hose when I feel like it, too. If you aren't comfy without hose, then you won't be able to feel confident either.

  5. In my opinion you can do hose, you just need to update the look. Very sheer or opaque. I think it is the middle ground that will run you into trouble. I like very sheer natural colours, my legs look better, shoes feel more comfy or tights. For your denim skirt I think opaque tights would look great, perhaps something with a pattern. For the brown skirt I would not go cream because that would draw attention to your legs, try matching the skirt or shoes.

  6. Psst -- the question about the denim skirt is three years old. It's only the post by dorish that is new (dorish resurrected the thread).

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