How to hose with a skirt

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  1. I'm body type B and just got the A line black skirt from Kohl's. As it's getting cold here, I need to wear something on my legs. Are panty hose the way to go? What color hose do you recommend? Because the skirt isn't lined, the skirt climbs up when I walk with hose on. Is a slip still the way to go, or do you have other advice?

  1. Depending on the weight of the skirt, I wear black tights or hose with my black skirt when the weather gets cooler. I find that the black tights sometimes make the skirt look too heavy if its a lighter material - not sure how to explain it. In this case, hose works better and creates a single color along your bottom half.

    My black skirt is lined and I don't seem to have a problem with it riding up - so a slip may be the way to go. The other thing to watch out for is that the skirt is not too tight and that might be the reason its riding up. I'm a type C/D and mine always ride up when they are too tight at the hips but not sure about a 'B' type.

  2. Do wear a slip with your skirt, with any skirt or dress that has no lining. Slips pretty much eliminate vpl, they prevent skirts and dresses from sticking to your legs or other undergarments such as tights, hose and whatnot. Your skirts and dresses will lie smoother when you are standing, move better when you are walking and they prevent the dreaded ride up and stick that occurs when you stand after a time of sitting. I would wear sheer black pantyhose when dressing up a black skirt and opaque black tights for business wear and colder days. Boots, pumps, or flats would all be appropriate footwear depending on the occassion and the weather.

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