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  1. I relatively new to MSP but I have enjoyed reading the various posts on the forum. I am getting ready to start purchasing clothes in a new size for work. Does anyone have any recommendations on a relatively inexpensive brand of slacks for a B that would be considered work appropriate? I am just barely 5'3" and have fairly short legs and a bit of a tummy.

  1. I just bought a pair at JC Penney's that I'm liking. Liz Claiborne Secretly Slenderâ„¢ Trouser-Leg Pants for $30. (http://www.jcpenney.com/dotcom/brands/liz-claiborne/women/liz-claiborne-secretly-slender%25e2%2584%25a2-trouser-leg-pants/prod.jump?ppId=pp5001600427&catId=WebID&_requestid=3518522) I'm a B, and 5'6" and have carry my extra weight in my tummy. Not sure if they come in a shorter length, but you could always hem them.

  2. This is timely because I just went shopping for a new pair of dress slacks yesterday and found myself at JC Penney's. I am also a B. I tried the Liz Claiborne Secretly Slender and the waist was way too big for me. The only pair in the store that fit well and was a flattering cut were the Worthington Curvy Fit Trouser. And they do come in petites. Obviously, you will want to try on everything before you decide as we're all a bit different.

  3. Also, just want to mention that hemming non-petite pants doesn't necessarily work for all of us who need petites. I'm 5'6" but need petite pants. Sounds crazy, I know. But I have a long body and short legs (29" in-seam). But I'm also very short from waist to crotch. Non-petite pants tend to have crotches that hang about 2" or more from the bottom of my crotch. This makes me look a bit like Humpty-Dumpty as it makes me look heavier and rounder than I really am and, of course, makes my legs look even shorter than they really are. Not a good look. Again, this won't apply to everybody. For example, my mom is only 5" tall but she can't wear petites because she is long from waist to crotch so her pants always need to be hemmed. Just wanted to inform that not all petites can just hem to make longer pants work for them.

  4. Very good point, JudyC! Sounds like JCP would be a good place to start, though. And try on lots of options!

  5. I have 2 pairs of Dana Buchman slacks I like alot. I forget where I got them.

  6. Thanks for all the suggestions. Hopefully I will get to a larger Jcp that has a better selection. Our local doesn't have much in the pretties section to choose from. Dana Buchman is in Kohls.

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