Ugg boots

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  1. I have a question for all you ladies. I found some cute "Ugg" looking boots at Target the other day.They were black with a gray sweater cuff around them. They were quite comfy and the price was great at 35 dollars. My question is this: Should a woman who is 49 wear Ugg looking boots? Is this a fashion no-no after 40? The young girls look great in them but I am not sure about keeping them now.I would love to hear your comments. Missus Smarty Pants ..what do you think about Uggs?

  1. Here is a picture of what the boots look can scrunch the sweater part up. Is this boot a go or a no-no for someone my age..49?


  2. I think they would look fine on you. I wouldn't buy them coz I think they would make me look fat.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts catwomanbert!! :)

  4. I have seen older women (well older than 40 anyways :) )wearing them and think they look cute, paired with the right sweater jacket!

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