Does this coat work for a B?

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  1. I'm eyeing this coat ( in black... I need a dress coat for this winter, for church and more causal wear. My other coat is more sporty. Does this work for a "B"? I need to decide right away, as I have a 30% off coupon good through tomorrow, making the $70 coat a more palatable $49.


  1. I think it does! It skims in around the waist and the length seems good to me. I like it a lot :)

  2. The tapered waist should work with your B figure (I'm a B too)but the test will be in the 'try on'. When you try it on wear something you would be wearing with it for church or casual. If you're thinking black then think a scarf in a bright color that looks great next to your face.

  3. Looks really cute to me!!

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