Please vote on which bathing suit!

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  1. So I leave on vacation in just over 2 weeks, and I am bathing suit shopping completely out of season YIKES.

    I am in the market for a regular one skirt, no bikini pieces, and no tankini. I am a B in between sizes 8-10 at the moment (shopping for swimsuits in 10 or possibly 12 based on measurements)and as far as colors, I am a summer with fair skin.

    My chest is between a C and D cup and as far as personal body issues, I have a short neck so I try to lengthen there with V necks, and though I am short 5'2.5", my legs are pretty long and the longest part is from my hip to knee. And I have some light leg cellulite. No real bulges anywhere.

    I am including pictures of the finalists because I have lost all perspective and no stores I have been to still have suits out, so I am having to choose based on pictures, reviews, and MSP style guides. I can only add one picture to the post, so I will post the others below.
    < br> The MSP suggestions that apply to my situation as I understand it is... no bandeau (chest too large), busy prints good, Miraclesuits good, darker on bottom than on top to draw eye up, medium to dark tones because my skin is light (I will be fake tanning).

    Thanks for any help you can offer! The


  1. Sorry the pics don't seem to be great quality and can't really be zoomed in. That top one is called the Glitterati Sanibel Miraclesuit in primarily eggplant. On the top there are lighter colors as well as some lines of silver glitterish type highlighting.


  2. Larger Glitterati purple one?


  3. Here is the Miraclesuit Oceanus in a picture that should zoom. Man it is hard to find pics....sorry about that. This one I love the turquoise color, but my husband is a little concerned that it could look more 'juniors' than 'adult'. I am 39 and look young for my age, but I don't look like a teen LOL.

    I have a tendency to go with mostly solid color suits with maybe detailing in another color, generally not more than 2 colors total, so the prints are both exciting me and scaring me.


  4. Or I can scrap the whole prints idea and get one of the above type suits in a deep pink, navy blue, or royal blue. But I am thinking of branching out and adding something new to the wardrobe :)

  5. I'm a B, summer, and I vote for the first suit. It draws the eye up and away from the thighs. I did hear that miracle suits can be hard to go to the bathroom in, though. Have a great trip! Love, Helen

  6. Maybe you could post links to where the pics are? I like the Miraclesuit Oceanus. I don't think it's too young. Doesn't make me think teenager at all. (For reference, I'm 32.) My only concern would be the neckline. Will it be too low-cut? Though it does look like it's designed to contain enough to not have escape issues. ;)

  7. Thanks!! Helen I have had the exact same thoughts as you. Tried to buy that suit this morn and something went wrong, so now I am rethinking

    I really like Oceanus too, but hubby isn't too into it :(

    This one is called Escape and I liked it but he didn't comment on it, but now he says he might like it second after the top purple one.


  8. WOW I am bad with these pics! The link to that last one is it is basically just a hodge podge of blues and whites

  9. I like the last one. purples, greens and blues are my favorite colors, so I don't think it's a color preference on my part. The print is more interesting. I would check with the seller if the one on the form is the actual one they are selling. The eye is def drawn to the lighter colors, and so I don't like the one on the live model at that ebay item. The lightest parts of her suit are not places I would want the eye drawn. Esp the low one. ;) If it's not the one in the first pic, ask if you can get a picture of the actual suit.

  10. I said the same thing to my husband! Why would you have a big white patch there!? I think she did mention you can get a pic of the actual suit, so I should definitely ask for that. Thanks!

  11. I like the glitterati purple and the teal with the blonde model. I would choose a print, solid colors look boring on the beach or at the pool. I think you are on the right track! Have fun.

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