Brown boots with Black?

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  1. I just signed up, and spent some time reading the 4 posts available to me. In "Formula for creating Go-To outfits" the outfit on pg 7 has a black dress paired with a jean jacket and brown boots. When is it ok to wear brown boots with black? And when isn't it ok?

  1. You can always wear neutral colors together. My neutral colors are white, navy, chocolate brown, and light gray. I also wear black, although it isn't my seasonal color. I can combine any of these colors together and they look good. I noticed someone at church last week who was wearing a white top with a brown cardigan, blue jeans and black boots and she looked great.

  2. So can I wear brown boots/shoes even if this isn't one of my neutrals (black, grey, khaki, white)?

  3. Yes. You can safely wear a color that is not in your season if it's far from your face, like boots. What season are you, if you don't mind my asking?

  4. I'm a Winter.

  5. I'm a summer, so we are both cool coloring. I never wore brown before in my life, but when I saw that chocolate brown is one of my neutrals, I started looking for it and now it's my favorite neutral. It looks sooo good with the blue-greens and the green-blues. I would think you could wear it too if you look for the chocolate browns that have a definate pink hue to them. A good way to see which browns are cool is to go to a thrift store because they have such a variety of hues and grab a bunch of dark brown items and compare them. You'll see that some are more pink and the others are more yellow. The browns with the pink are cool and the yellow are warm. Even with your shoes, you can try to stick to the browns that are more like mahogany. My daughter is a winter and so is my husband and they both look great in the pinkish browns. My daughter's hair is brown and it compliments it and my husband's eyes are brown and it brings them out.

  6. I love anything with my brown boots (especially my little black dress), and my other sophisticated neutral color combo is black and navy. Looks so good!

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