How to measure for shirt length

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  1. Does anyone know which week Leslie discussed the measurements for your upper body and lower body? I save all of my personal profiles - but I don't remember which week she discussed that. I need to get some alterations done on some long shirts that I need to hit the "sweet spot" of my pants. Or does can anyone answer this question?

  1. I am not sure about the upper and lower body measurements. But I did find her measurement guide for skirts on MSP's blog. Here is the link to that posting that will help you figure out your "sweet spot" on skirt length:

  2. I don't, but after much studying this issue, I've found from my readings that the points that are most atractive to end things are as follows: measure your head from top to chin and then have things end under the bust line (2 head lengths), at the hip bone (the part that sticks out in front, for me it's 2 fingers above the leg break-when you sit)-this is where your tops should end, then your jackets, cardigans, and open front shirts should end 2-3" under that, mini-skirts and long tops a head length under that, skirts/dresses/shorts just above the knee, at the knee, or just below the knee, according to your taste, but just above the knee is the most attractive, a head length down from your knee for cropped pants, and as close to the ground as possible for pants. Hope that makes sense.

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