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  1. Hi everyone, I feel really blocked when it comes to thinking outfits. My wardrobe in my head and in my closet consists of tops, bottoms, jackets, shoes, socks, tights, scarves, jewelry, etc.
    How can I change my view of clothing to be thinking in terms of outfits?

  1. Why not try Leslie's suggestion of taking one piece and building an outfit around it? Pick a top, then find a nice bottom to go with it and pick one of your scarves to tie it all together. Or choose some shoes and find things that will show them off. I don't often wear earrings but I was given a pair of red clip-on earrings by the husband of a dear friend when she died. I have certain things that I ALWAYS wear with those earrings, I made the outfit around them. HTH

  2. I totally agree with leadboots - now that 'name' has gotta have a story behind it! I think putting outfits together is creative and artistic and my clothes are my paints. I love to start with something I'm in the mood for whether it's a top, a pair of boots, a scarf or whatever. Then I do exactly that, build my outfit around it. When I get an outfit that works I take a photo of the whole look - my photos make it so easy to lay out my outfit the night before. Have fun and mix those paints and create something wonderful!

  3. I like the idea of painting with your clothes! That puts a whole new aspect on choosing an outfit. (Without taking this too much off topic, the lead boots come from a nickname one of the many that my husband has for me. He says when I drive I have lead boots on the accelerator pedal, they press down and don't come up because they're so heavy.)

  4. LOl listen to The Who's "My Wife".

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