How do you organize your lingerie?

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  1. My last organization question came out as an unformatted book that I wouldn't expect many to make it through--big thanks to those who did!! <'BR'> <'BR'> Question #1 I guess is how you organize your lingerie. Admittedly I have a lot of lingerie as I love it! I have 3 extra deep dresser drawers one with panties, one with pajamas, and one with bras and socks. Additionally I have a canvas cube on a closet shelf containing extra panties bought on sale that I rotate in when I throw others away. <'BR'> <'BR'> I have another canvas cube that has pantyhose, but I don't have a good system for keeping pairs with no runs separate from say with a run near the knee that could still be worn with a longer dress. I am in and out of cars, and I am HORRIBLE about running my pantyhose when I am wearing it. <'BR'> <'BR'> I hang up my gowns, chemises, & robes in the closet (one robe always on a hook in the bathroom too), put cotton sets in the dresser drawer or in a drawer in the closet and I also have a separate closet drawer for nicer sets that I don't hang. <'BR'> <'BR'> It doesn't seem like my system is very cohesive and it is hard to get to the things in the bottom of the deep drawers, so often I forget about them. I am considering a tray or something to make 2 layers in the deep drawers but my concern is that I still won't get to the bottom items. <'BR'> Thanks! Enjoying the forums a lot

  1. Sorry the html tags I tried didn't work. Can someone tell me what I did wrong? I know wall of text is hard to read :(

  2. This may seem simplistic, and I know I don't have as many pieces as you, but when I put clean clothes away I always put them at the bottom of the stack so things are rotated. I do this even in the closet and with shoes - just to ensure that I don't keep wearing the same things by default. A little OCD maybe!

  3. Hi Aspen, to get paragaph breaks, type < b r > twice, removing the spaces. Where you went wrong above was using the apostrophe's. I think it will work once you take them out.

    Elaine in CO

  4. Dear Aspen, I am so glad I don't have to wear pantyhose! When I did, I would throw them out immmediately if there was a hole or run. Financially this may not make sense for you, I suppose, but I did not wear them often, and never had any luck trying to rewear a pair that was damaged. Like Flylady says, you can't organize clutter. Make sure you toss what should be tossed! To me bras and panties go together, socks go elsewhere. My drawers are: socks, swimsuits, bras and panties, tops, bottoms, nightwear, sweaters. I have canvas cubes in the tops and bottoms drawers(big drawers), but I am not satisfied with them. I can't see the contents of the cubes in the back, and they are difficult to paw through. Seemed like a good idea at the time! I might like short, stiff dividers better. Bras I set upright, tucked inside each other. DH has a double-door wardrobe with shelves. His clothes are easy to put away and easy to find(you can see everything in the stack). Someday if space and money permit, I may go with that. Probably with a bin for panties. DS has a wardrobe, also. He has only 2 types of socks, black socks and white socks. They live in a laundry basket in the bottom of the wardrobe. I have wandered off the subject, but hope this helps. Have fun! bert

  5. Janie, I think the rotating freshly washed things to the bottom is a great idea. I will be implementing it immediately!

    Elaine, thanks so much for the help with the paragraph breaks. Where it looked like it was being tested in the other thread it had apostrophes and I am not all all good with HTML code.

    Bert, yeah I end up in hose and tights quite a lot in the winter. Just outside too much for bare legs or socks, and I am just way too hard on pantyhose to throw them out whenever I damage them. I use clear fingernail polish to halt a quick run.

    I tried to put bras and panties together, but I have a ridiculous amount. New lingerie is pretty much my weakness! I also tried moving socks to their own bin in the closet, but they keep sneaking into my dresser drawers. I try to do the set upright bras tucked into each other, but they keep going stacked on me.

    My initial long post was about getting organizing help for both my dresser and my large closet, so I appreciated your other comments. My closet has both hanging racks and shelves, and I have 2 drawers in the bedroom of casual shirts and a shelf of fancier shirts and sweaters in the closet. I am really trying to get a good system going that is easy to keep up. Some of what I have is working well and some not so well, so hearing other people's suggestions is great for me.

    Thanks for helping a newbie!

  6. I don't know if this will help, but I use three shallow drawers, two hatboxes, and a small fabric bin to keep my lingerie sorted and organized:

    1. I use hatboxes for my unpackaged/opened stockings and tights, because there is nothing in there to catch on them and make them run. Stockings that I wear for dressier occasions, such as cocktail events, or holiday parties, goes in one hatbox. Stuff with shimmer or backseams.

    2. If a set of hose or tights gets a run, I toss it, with the exception of a pair of Wolfords, because the run is high enough and stopped with nail polish, that I can still wear it with dresses.

    3. For thigh high stockings (my personal preference), I usually buy the same color/brand (Hanes Silk Reflections Thigh-highs in nude or black), so if I get a run in one, I can save the non-run one as a spare for a new pair.

    4. Everyday tights and hosiery goes in the other hatbox.

    5. Hosiery that is still in the plastic packages, I keep separate in a small fabric bin, because I found the packaging was catching on unpackaged hosiery and was making snags and runs.

    6. I keep my bras in one drawer, laid out flat, because most of them are padded or embellished.

    7. Panties and garter belts are in a different drawer, laid out in rows: Fancy panties that are part of a matching bra set are in the leftmost row. Mix-and-match fancy knickers are in the next row. Garter belts are folded and laid in the center of the drawer. Everyday thongs and panties are on the right, where I can grab-and-go.

    8. Slips, shapewear, and corsets are folded and stacked by category in another drawer.

    And anything that is dance-related or part of a dance or theatrical costume, is in a separate bin with my dance and costume stuff, so that I can find it fast if I need it.

  7. Oh! I forgot about chemises and robes - I hang those in the closet.

    Also, I tried on every piece of lingerie, bras, knickers, etc. that I own, about six weeks ago. If it had rips, was faded, didn't fit well, or didn't make me feel absolutely gorgeous, I got rid of it. I organized the rest, and put lavender into little fabric drawstring bags I found awhile back at a crafts store. Everything smells nice, and looks pretty, and when I dress, I feel like a queen.

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