Breast Cancer Survivor

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  1. Thanks so much for addressing the special circumstances for cancer patients. I am so glad discussion is more open now than it was 19 years ago when I was diagnosed at age 36. Because of scars and using prosthesis, not all styles make me feel comfortable. I was excited someone mentioned the Divine Modesty website. I checked it out and the website is perfect for me. I want to be stylish but not wear wrap, V-neck tops. Just another example of many great things I have learned from Missus Smarty Pants!

  1. Oh my gosh...thanks for mentioning the Divine Modesty website. I too have mastectomy scarring and a prosthesis...that makes it difficult for lots of styles. I live in Florida and find the stores here tend to feature lots of deep necklines and sleeveless tops...things I just can't wear. Thanks sister, for the heads up to a great website.

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