Bosomy "B" With A Bit of Belly Fluff

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  1. That's a lot of letter "B's." lol Hi all, from one fairly new here. I really do hope to go from frump2fab. I've cared so little about my appearance for so long. It goes along with depression, which is a Catch-22 with appearance! Let me see if the picture comes through in proportion or "squished" as it seems in the preview. If it comes through true to how it actually looks, do you more knowledgeable ones agree that I'm a curvy "B" and a bit short-waisted as say my own measurements? I ordered the "B" profile from MSP. Thanks a lot.


  1. A "B" body type has the shoulders and hips at about the same measurement and the waist at about 10" less than the hips and shoulders. You do look like a "B" to me. I am very short waisted and my waist is right under my rib cage. Is that how you are?

  2. My waist is unfortunately not 10'' smaller than my bosom and hips because of my roll from slouching here in my chair all day. I do feel the indentation at the sides of my waist a hand width (small hands) under my ribcage now that you mention it. My legs are relatively long for my height. (Just over 5'4'') I look forward to finding lengths of tops, jackets, etc. to play down the belly fluff. I see that somebody has posted on that topic for "B" shapes. I'll go read that one now. Thanks for the reply, HelenChristine. :)

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