Jeans, shorts and age

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  1. Is it possible to age-out on wearing jeans and shorts? At 74 with nearly white hair, I've stopped wearing shorts because of "ugly" legs, but would like to buy some of the new colored jeans. I'm a "B" and wear Chico's size 1. Living in an Arizona retirement community, very few wear shorts outside the house and most don't wear jeans. I don't want to be kidding myself that I look fine!

  1. I think jeans are timeless. The only way to know if those particular jeans work for you is to try them on. Maybe bring someone along with you who would give you an honest opinion as to whether you look like you're trying to dress "too young." I know some who can pull it off at 74 easily. That is just my non-professional opinion. =)

  2. I absolutely think you can wear jeans at any age, you just have to choose the right jeans. I would say stay away from funky washes, extremely skinny jeans or very low rise. I don't see why you can do a colored denim either - just find a nice slightly darker shade and pair it with something classic in your pallete on top! Also I think Oprah did an article in her magazine recently on style at different ages. Maybe look on her site for inspiration?

  3. Dear Jaaz, Move! Seriously, I think jeans are fine for anyone. As baby boomers age, more and more retired folks will wear jeans. Boomers won't give their jeans up for anything! I live in Florida and am always too hot, so I don't wear jeans as often as I did up North. Everyone wears shorts here! The older ladies wear capris, mostly. I am partial to thin cotton dresses. bert

  4. Dear Jaaz I am in my 60's and like you I consider whether clothes are too young for me when I am choosing clothes. I wear jeans a lot - mostly dark wash as I am a C. I have looked at bright coloured jeans and am considering burgundy or a darkish teal. To me that they are not too different to the usual colours. As far as shorts and capris go I find long shorts or capris you can roll up are the most flattering. Pants that end at the knee look the most flattering for me. My legs aren't very shapely but this length seems to be the easiest to wear and not too young for an older person. Hope my ideas and thoughts help you.

  5. I think women of any age can look great in jeans! As PPs mentioned, it's about the cut & color. If you get a flattering cut, you can look chic & ageless. I wouldn't be surprised if many 'older' women don't bother with jeans because their bodies have changed, and it's a PITA to go shopping - and they know they look frumpy in "mom" jeans. I see almost as many older ladies wearing the 'mom' jeans w/ a saggy ass as women of childbearing years - and it's just as unflattering at 60+ as it is for 30.

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