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  1. Would you join me in posting what you wore recently? Thanks.


  1. hi Helen! I love the black and white - its very striking on you. Great outfit! Here is what I wore today - i have a hard time looking past my faults - huge thighs, flabby stomach after kids etc. to actually see the outfit for what it is! What do you gals think? I love boots and am trying to incorporate them into my outfits but its hard with my short stubby legs and I feel hopeless! I would appreciate some real critiquing as I cannot see the forest for the trees so to speak! Sorry I am not sure where I was looking in this picture lol


  2. Oh, Samjoy, I know that it is easy to be hard on our bodies instead of being kind to them. A lot of times it is hard for me to look at my pictures, too. But! I think of it as a learning experience, and I remind myself that I will never know unless I try. I don't feel like I am really good at my own dressing, so I am also always open to gentle suggestions, too! And I love boots like you do, but I don't have any tall ones. And I have short legs as well! I loved your tall boots with a skirt like you did a few weeks ago. As to improving this outfit, I will let someone who is more expert help. Here is today's outfit. Boy are my pants baggy! I am on a very slow weight loss journey, and that means that sometimes things don't fit so well. I am also trying to solve my shoe deficit. I have boots and heeled sandals, I have a pair of peeptoe slingbacks. But no comfortable pumps or wedges or other dressy closed-toe heels. I have ordered a shoe stretcher and hope it will help. In the meantime, today I am wearing some low-heel wedges that don't fit very well :-( Oh yes, and I usually take off my sweater or jacket at work so I am taking a picture without it as well, to help me *see* myself realistically. Have a great day everyone! Elaine in CO


  3. hi Elaine - thanks for the advice. I do like boots with skirts - I think I just have to stop trying to look like everyone else out there with the leggings and boots. I love that look though! I love your color combinations - you really have your color palette down pat. I would say the next time you're in the market for pants, maybe try something that is a little more straightleg/boot cut? It might be the length of your pants or it might be the style - they look like they narrow down towards the feet a little. Also I cannot see the wedge - maybe take a picture just of the shoe too sometime so we can look at it up close? I was thinking with this outfit some nice chunky silver jewelry might be nice.... Here is what I wore to work today. basic black (boring) dress - but I took a closeup so you could see the studs on my dress! Also I wore it with boots.


  4. I love your color combinations, Elaine, and I can relate to both of you with feeling disappointed sometimes with where I'm at with my weight. I've had 5 children, so my weight has been up and down a lot and is up right now... I love your black dress, SamJoy, and I love tall boots too. You have the v-neck on your top and the cardigan, so it seems like you have a complete outfit there! As far as boots go, I have read that if you want to make your legs look longer and wear tall boots, it's best to keep the boots and the pants/leggings the same or very similar color.


  5. Thanks guys!

    HelenC, your outfits are looking really polished these days. When I look at my pictures, I often see that my outfit isn't as great-looking as I thought it was in my head LOL. I also know that you have put a lot of work into discovering your best looks -- and it shows! I guess my journey is just slower. But really, it's all good. I love your one item three ways, nice going!

    Samjoy, thank you for your suggestions. I *love* bootcut pants. The ones I wore yesterday are about ready to be retired or taken in, but I don't have a replacement in my rotation, so I sort of can't part with them yet. I am in a sort of "No Man's Land" size-wise, where it's hard to find good-fitting clothes. I also have been looking for a nice basic skirt, but haven't found one that I love yet.

    I'm thinking that some chunky silver jewelry with your LBD & boots would look great as well!! I do understand about loving the idea of leggings, but not knowing how to execute it correctly, LOL. Another item I am searching for is an A-Line Sweater dress that I can belt, I think that might be flattering for me with leggings. I am also going to try heeled shoes with my leggings and a tunic and see how that looks.

    Anyways... I really like today's outfit, with or without the sweater. And the photos looked like I thought I looked for once, LOL. Was it because I was mimicking the way that Leslie and Greenwoodcg stand, or was it because this outfit really is better? *grin*

    Elaine in CO


  6. You look very pretty, Elaine. You are wearing the colored pants that are in so in style and the neutral top with monochromatic cardigan and scarf. It looks so nice on you. You have a nice long waist and can wear belts. My waist is VERY short, right under my ribs. Thank you for your kind words. I have been working hard on style since April. It took so much work to have just the basics figured out. I'm a slow learner but have been very determined to learn. This week another homeschool mom made me feel badly. She wanted to know why I'm always so dressed up (I'm just a stay at home mom). When I told her about MSP and body types and finding your colors, she hinted that if I wanted to look better, why didn't I just lose some weight.... :( Oh well, I need to forgive and move on. I do want to lose weight, but have trouble controlling my eating, especially in the evening. I actually gained 10 lbs in this fall and my clothing options are diminishing. Maybe I can eat on plan today.

  7. Helen - I am in the middle of my day and have to run but boo to the mom who told you you should lose weight to look better.

    a) you look really good to me - your hair is always done up and is a very pretty color and you have a very nice sense of style
    b) Anyone should be able to look pretty at any age!
    I am quite overweight myself and actually am hoping that dressing better and feeling better about myself will help me lose weight! Maybe we could help each other along the way?
    Elaine - I think you really hit it with today's outfit. love the colored pants and the cream top. Also, I love the structured jacket on you. It gives more definition to your shoulders than the cardigans you sometimes wear, which can make them look a little sloping?
    gotta run gals but will be back later....

  8. I meant to say anyone should be able to look pretty at any weight! duh....

  9. I am like samjoy, I have to respond to HelenC on the comment from the other mother. You are so pretty and look so stylish just the way you are. Maybe she is just jealous because she doesn't put in the time and effort it takes to look her best. I think you are setting a good example for your children that "you" matter. Elaine, love the outfit from today. You look nice in the colored pants and the monochromatic top and scarf. It balances out your shoulders. Samjoy, black dress and boots, very nice.

  10. Thank you for the encouragement. That lady is petite and just the right weight and dresses well. She has no filter and says just what she thinks. It is not the first time she has made hurtful comments to me about my weight. :) Oh well...


  11. Elaine, I have to agree with everyone else: the red pants outfit is great. Much more flattering than the previous one on this thread. And fun too! I also like seeing some of your hair down. It helps balance you a little, and brings more attention and prettiness to your face. I'd be interested to see you with large (colorful?) earrings. HelenChristine: LOVE the all purple outfit. Gorgeous colors. I find these proportions more flattering on you as a person than the little shrugs.... but maybe that's just my preference. Is that a wrap top? And the diagonals in the skirt are cool, and also really flattering: i find they lead my eye around you in a swirling movement. Neat. Samjoy: the outfit as a whole works really well! And the outfit would have even more kick with a little structure (everything has a soft/round quality to it, even the slouchy boots). Maybe a jacket rather than sweater? And some funky earrings?

  12. thank you for the suggestions swingsprite. I will try to find a more structure 'casual' jacket. I like to hide my hips when I wear tights or skinny pants and its hard to find a structured jacket that's longer. But its a great suggestion - I will have to look around for something! Helen - that combination is great - the purple suits you and the skirt is great with the horizontal stripes. Here is what I am wearing to work today. I had to rush out of the house today and forgot to wear jewelry! I often forget to do this due to mornings being a crazy time with kids etc. Would welcome any suggestions here on what I can do to better prepare. About today's outfit - I like the skirt, top and boots separately and I like the jacket, skirt and boots separately. Somehow I feel the whole outfit together does not gel well. Not sure what it is!


  13. Samjoy, Purple is a good color for you. As for morning rush...Flylady, friend of MSP, recommends laying out your next day's outfit at bedtime. I think MSP has a hook in her closet where she hangs tomorrow's outfit. I hang mine on the end of a pants hanger so when I open my closet, the outfit is ready to grab. I hang accessories on the hanger, too. I put earrings and anything that won't drape on the hanger in a small drawstring bag to hang with my outfit. Works pretty well for me. Wish I had discovered this trick when I was still working!!

  14. That's such a great idea, to have the pouch for the earrings! SamJoy, I think your outfit looks nice. The only thing that could be bothering you might be that your top and your jacket end at the same level. I see in pictures that the top usually ends a couple inches above the jacket, or it is a few inches longer than the jacket. In your previous picture with the cardigan, you can see that the cardigan is a couple inches longer than the top. Maybe that would sit better with you. Very pretty. As for my wearing cropped cardigans, it's more a matter of taste than anything. I'm trying to find my style and have found that I enjoy wearing empire waists, cropped cardigans, and fabric that is soft and flowing and curvy. It's all part of exploring and figuring out how to show who I am inside on the outside, but I like the purple top and skirt too because it is an empire waist and the fabric is soft and flowy and stretchy. Thanks. I resorted to a comfortable and tried outfit in this picture.


  15. I don't post often, but I enjoy reading this thread -- and HelenChristine, that mom's comment was uncalled for and uncouth! You look great and are an inspiration and I love that you have started this thread! I think my favorite of your outfits in this particular compilation is the three-quarter sleeve blue top with the statement necklace worn with the skirt with the green and blue stripes. It looks great on you, completely pulled together, and I love all the colors. Samjoy, in your picture when you are standing on the playground, I see that your purse is hitting right at your thighs. I'm guessing you are a C, like me, and that is exactly where MSP tells us that our handbags shouldn't create a visual line on your body. I also completely get that you may be at the stage of life where a hands-free purse is more important than fashion (is that your little guy behind you that you need to keep track of?). If that purse has one of those adjustable straps, maybe you could hike it up some, so that it hits your body where you curve in -- maybe right below your bustline? -- to make a visual line across that part of your body.

  16. Thank you, Joanna. This top and skirt are from a batch of cream, ivory and bone that I dyed teal. Most items came out well and it is a good color for me.


  17. dzylicz - love the suggestion of putting the jewelry in a pouch - I do put aside my clothes the previous night - just not the accessories and shoes. I just realized that my problem is probably that my jewelry is all spread out too - in three different rooms. Which is why I have such poor planning around it. Helen - thanks for the suggestion about the top and the jacket being the same length - you're right they are and it makes it look very boxy! I loved your sea green dress from yesterday. Its a great style on you and goes well with the chocolate shrug. About today's outfit - in my opinion it looks a little busy in the front - it has frills at the top as well as what looks like some ruching in the front. As a suggestion - maybe try to wear this dress with a longer coat that is the same length as the dress - like a trench? Joanna - thanks for the great insight into the bag. You're correct the little man in the background is my very active 20 month old and the one taking the picture was my 5 year old lol. I do need a handsfree option when I'm with them. I actually lengthened the strap on that bag because when it was shorter I felt like it highlighted my bust even more (I don't need to draw attention there lol) I'll have to shorten it and get some advice from an 'in person' friend as to how it looks! What great ideas ladies! Here is what I wore today. Forgot the jewelry again! Tried doing the sideways pose like suggested but did not work for me lol. My camera did not like it as it came out all fuzzy as well as I feel like it accents my butt too much!


  18. Thanks for the advice. :)


  19. ooh I like that look Helen! Is that duster something you created? I love it with the tall boots and it makes you look skinny!

  20. I bought the duster at a thrift store. :) The boots are actually ankle boots, it's hard to see them against the black pants.

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