What to wear?

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  1. I have a wedding next Sat. Here in Indiana where it is FALL! I have a LBD sleeveless which came with a very formal short, short 3/4 sleeve jacket. I have worn it to weddings before with a white crocete sweater. Now that it is fall, I want to wear it with a red, trimed in black, 3/4 sleeve jacket. My question: shoes? Should I wear black heels, red heels, what do I do with my very white legs. The last time I wore it with red, I did not wear any hose at all. Can I still go like that now that it is cooler? Do I need to wear black shear stockings with black shoes or can I wear the red shoes? Any idea? BTW my age is 60+.

  1. Chris, I would wear hose with whichever shoes you pick...sheer black with black shoes or skin-tone with the red. I too am 60+ and like a tailored look. Have fun at the wedding!

  2. Thanks, dzylicz. I think I will go with skin=tone and red shoes.

  3. A fun way to jazz things up a bit with the panty hose is to make them fishnet. The tiny weave. They make them in skin tone, too.

  4. Red shoes seem more festive.

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