How do I wear red cowboy boots?

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  1. I have a gorgeous pair of red cowboy boots but I don't know how to wear them? For example, if I wore them with dark boot-cut denims, what color top would I pair them with? What color accessories? Thank you! Michelle

  1. Would a black ruffled top, dark denims, and pearls work with my red boots?

  2. I think the trick to wearing red shoes is to also wear something red near your face, to draw the eye up to your pretty face. Also, I know that red, orange, and yellow go well together as they are next to each other on the color wheel. You can also wear red with other tones of red, lighter or darker, so pinks or burgundy. The complimentary color to red is green. I think you are supposed to have one main color, like white, and then wear the pop of red in your boots and scarf or necklace/earrings. Hope that gives you some ideas. If you are a dramatic type, you could wear all red too! I think blue jeans, a white top, red cardigan and red boots would look really pretty.

  3. HelenChristine, thank you for those wonderful ideas! I really appreciate them, and I can't wait to try them out. Thanks!!!

  4. Michelle, I like your idea of jeans, dark top... but if you had some sort of chunky red (or mixed with red) beads [instead of pears] that would tie the whole thing together really nicely! Now I want red boots. :)

  5. How about a red bandanna on your purse.

  6. What a great idea to use chunky red beads or a red bandana with my boots! Thanks, ladies.

  7. Red cowboy boots bring out a big grin and a happy attitude. They are all about attitude!

  8. Yes they are! I like that :).

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