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  1. I just rceived my color ID. I am wondering if I am supposed to restrict my clothes to just the twenty colors shown. The text does list some other colors but I have no idea what "clear yellow " is without an example. Any suggestions? The example pallettes in the advertisement for color ID showed more colors. Is there a way I can get one of those? Thanks :)

  1. Use the recommended color palette from your chosen Seasonal Colors as a guide to help you. It gives you suggestions for what colors are best for your main wardrobe basics...and then it shows what highlight colors to select from. You are not restricted to "twenty colors", but in all reality a better wardrobe actually contains FEWER colors and that's what gives a wardrobe a cohesive look. I suggest that you figure out what your main colors are and work MOSTLY with them. You will find it is then that you can create outfit after outfit....the best part: all the colors you select look fabulous on YOU :) Hope that helps. Love, Leslie

  2. Thank you for the response. I know you are a busy lady :) what you said makes some sense. If I really think about it, my closet isn't normally a plethora of color but mostly colors I feel I look good in. I am excited to have my color profile because now I can try some colors that I've never thought of before. Thanks again!

  3. ...If I really think about it, my closet isn't normally a plethora of color but mostly colors I feel I look good in.... --------------------

    It sounds like subconsciously (or with regular & reliable feedback) were already dressing well with your colors. Some folks do that, and the palettes help round out some accent options or reference for the 'new' retail-season's colors.
    You've probably already discovered that some retail-seasons, there is little to buy color-wise that you don't already own in a flattering cut. I've discovered that some years - about every other to 2 years apart - I kinda over-buy when it's a fit AND color that's flattering - because I'll be out of luck for the next retail-season or two.
    Like this winter - the hot colors are various oranges, orangy-browns, mustard yellow, turquoise (the tone & clarity really tosses it into the different Seasonal groups), and berrys. As a "light Spring" - who might actually be a soft Summer - there won't be a lot for this winter, I'll be looking to buy - the first batch are just hideous on me, and Turq & Berry are tricky. But that's OK, cuz last winter I went a tad overboard, so I'll just shop my closet instead!
    It won't be the "current" fashion, but if "current" = unflattering on the individual, is it really fashionable?

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