What to wear on a cruise.

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  1. Hi, In April next year I am going on my first cruise from Sydney,(Australia)to Hawaii for 16 days calling in at several South Pacific islands where it will be hot and humid. Then 5 days based in Honolulu and then flying home via New Zealand. The package includes a weeks car hire from Auckland, (mid north island NZ) where it will be the end of autumn, about 52-63 degrees F and possibly quite rainy. Because we are flying home I am very limited in what I can take-baggage limit on the plane of 23kg (50 pounds). Also there will be 2 dinners on board where you are asked to wear smart casual clothes defined by the line as "dresses or trouser suits for women"and two formal "cocktail dresses for women". The ship is a Royal Caribbean. I would love your ideas on what clothes to pack. What would you take? I have plenty of time to plan and try and get it right! Thanks for your help. Margaret

  1. Choose fabrics that down wrinkle and are drapy, so when you fold them they take up almost no room. I have dresses like that. I could fit 20 of them in a back-pack. They are usually a mixture of polyester/rayon/ and stretch and are soft and silky. If you wear dresses, you could bring some sleeveless ones and then add a couple of cardigans for colder weather, then dress it all up with jewelry and scarves. Hope that helps.

  2. I meant "don't" wrinkle, not "down". Sorry.

  3. Just remembered: also if you buy the panties MSP recommends, they take up no room at all and are easy to wash in the sink and dry overnight. They are the vanishing edge panties from Soma.com. They will go on sale again before your trip. They sell for 4 or 5 for $25 when on sale. Also the stretch in the fabric I mentioned before is called spandex. I had forgotten. Good luck and have a great trip. Here's an example of the kinds of dresses I meant, with cardigans:


  4. Many clothing lines have a "Travelers" line that is like HelenChristine described with coordinating pieces that can be mixed and matched(slacks,jackets,skirts,dresses,etc.) Just a few of these pieces with some colorful tops and cardigans can last a long time and take up little space. I love cruising and hope you have a great time.

  5. HelenChristine thanks very much for your ideas and especially the photos. It is just coming into spring here so I will look our for a couple of dresses like those. I have seen the vanishing edge panties that MSP says are so good and now might be a good time to get some. (I have put it off so far because the postage makes them so expensive even on sale.) Maybe some of the shops we see MSP choose clothes from will have branches in Hawaii. That green dress of yours is really lovely on you. Thanks for going to the trouble of taking photos. Greenwoodcg I was not aware of the "Travellers" line. Thanks for the suggestion. I will have a look online. A great idea.

  6. Take at least 2 swimsuits. Then you won't have to put on a wet one.

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