shoes for bootcut jeans

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  1. I desperately need to buy some shoes. I have athletic shoes and a pair of black Fall shoe boots with a small heel. I like the shoe boots, but sometimes I just want to look more casual and not wear a heel. I've been shopping for flats, but so far they don't look great with my bootcuts. Anyone have any suggestions for shoes that look good with bootcut jeans and pants preferably without a heel that can be casual or a little dressy. Thanks

  1. I always thought flat shoes with a little more of a pointed toe, made a nice balance for bootcuts.

  2. What about boots? I got two pairs, both with no heel, this season. They are out there if you keep looking. I found some and I have a EEE foot! (now, whether I 'should' be wearing no heel since I am 5'4" with short legs is a whole 'nuther discussion LOL) Elaine in CO

  3. Great comments ladies. I agree a pointy toe shoe is great for bootcuts and another pair of boots is always a good thing. However, if you really want a flat type of shoe...I recommend instead of a complete flat, consider a low-wedge shoe. There are so many styles out there, you could select a low-wedge w/ animal print trim, a deep red one or even a brown/black combination. Best of luck with your shoe shopping!

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