tying scarves/ pink lady suggestions

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  1. I appreciate the suggestions for "pink ladies" in the latest article. As a member of a cancer support group, I know how important it is for a woman to be able to still dress and feel like a woman after a mastectomy. You have probably already done this before, but I could use some help knowing what sizes and shapes of scarves to buy and how to tie them in different ways. Thanks! P.S. Are you going to have more "Pink Lady" suggestions throughout the month? I hope! The photos really help me visualize the possibilities.

  1. I saw this on pinterest and thought it was helpful. http://fashionworship.com/1381/ And on how to tie them, since I am terrible at that kind of stuff, I found this http://www.caphillstyle.com/capitol/2011/9/21/tips-for-wearing-a-scarf.html There are some more neat things on pinterest for scarves, and even some vidoes, but these are the two that were what I needed.

  2. Thanks, Trudence! I've been trying some of the suggestions, and it's a great way to change up my outfits.

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