Petite B Jeans

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  1. Are there any other petite Bs out there that have found a style/brand of jeans that they absolutely love? My budget is limited, but if I could find some that are worth their price it would be worth the splurge. I thought I had found some inexpensive ones, but they ended up not keeping their shape by the end of the day...hate that!

  1. I'm not a petite but I am a B, and some of my favorite jeans are Lee, including their Slender Secret Lower on the Waist. They are not very expensive and fit really well - that is to say, are flattering. They are not very stretchy, which may be why they still look good at the end of the day.

  2. Thanks, Janie3, I will have to look into those. I haven't tried any lee jeans in years.

  3. I am a petite B, (119 pounds and 5 feet tall), and I have found that Bandolinos jeans fit me better than any others I have ever tried. They run about $40 per pair, but if you watch sales you can get them for about $19, especially at the end of January or the end of July. I have been complimented on the fit more than once. I also have found that I can wear either petite or regular, but with regular I have to re-hem them. MSP has a terrific and easy tutorial on how to hem jeans, keeping the original hem. I am no youngster at 88 years of age, but I love my jeans and can dress them up or down with MSP's help. I have purchased them in a number of colors and am totally satisfied with them Try them.

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