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  1. Hello everyone. I am wondering if I made a good shopping decision the other day. I went to Marshalls...kinda like a TJ Maxx or Homegoods store. I found a pair of NYDJ ankle jeans for 39 dollars..regularly 110. I used to be a size 16 now I am a 12. I put them on and they felt sooo good! I could bend and twist in them..total comfort. Then I heard Missus smarty pants in my head...if you have a bigger bottom then the jeans that taper in to your ankles make your bottom look even bigger. I looked at the placement of the pockets on my backside...perfect! Everything was perfect about these jeans except I felt like I needed a boot cut leg or something. I am still thinking about those jeans..lol. Do you all think I made a good decision? Sometimes I see women wearing the ankle jean with heels and I think it is a nice look. Would love to hear your input!!

  1. Wear them with boots! (that's the absolute only way I'm willing to wear ankle/skinny jeans)

  2. First of all, congrats on the weight loss! MSP introduced me, too, to NYDJ and I absolutely love them. I am a "B" with a tummy and always wear bootcuts to be in "balance". Wouldn't be caught dead in skinny jeans. MSP always recommends looking in a three way mirror to check how you look from all views. Additionally, I always show my friend(another MSP SYSter)to get her honest opinion. Remember, too, that just because something is a good price doesn't mean it's a good fit. Good luck with your decision.

  3. Thank you Ladies for your comments. I did not purchase the jeans and I think it was a good decision. I am only 5'4" and the jeans were tapering in to my ankle and with my full bottom I am glad I did not get them. Gonna keep looking for a boot cut NYDJ...I might get lucky and find a discounted pair soon!

  4. Do you have a Nordstrom Rack in your area? My local Nord. Rack is having a Denim event, and I just got a pair of black NYDJ pants for $60. Worth checking out...

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