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  1. Hi, I just ordered the $39.95 package with Body Identification and Seasonal Colors and a year of weekly articles. I sent in the survey and am waiting. Do I start receiving the weekly articles after the body identification is complete? I'm wondering if anybody can tell me what I have access to at this point. Thank you for your help. So far I see the blog and forum, but I don't see anything about the seasonal colors. My understanding is that something was included in the package I purchased regarding seasonal colors. Just antsy and want to get started!! Thanks so much!

  1. I didn't have access to any of the things I ordered until I received my ID from MSP...not that it kept me from checking my acct daily. =)

  2. Yes, it's not obvious where the articles are and I don't know why that is, but if you look at the upper right corner of the page you're on, you'll see a gray box with two pink buttons. One is "My Account" and the other is "Logout". If you click on "My Account" you'll go to a page that has the articles, Color ID survey and email responses to any question you send the staff. Next click on the blue print that says "My Personal Profile and Style Articles". That's it. Now the current article that is an introduction to the articles on "My Account" are in the Blog button next to the Home button at the top of the screen. At least that's my understanding at this time. I sent a suggestion to the staff and maybe they will create a site map for those new to the site. PS Everytime I change pages on the site, I get a security warning box, probably due to my computer set up. If you get those, click "No" twice. At least that's how mine works. I hope this helps and is not too complicated. :)

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