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  1. Dear Leslie, Thank you so much for the new site! It is a beautiful, kinder and gentler site with those of us who are still getting the hang of dressing ourselves, or those who don't know how. My question is: I remember the old site with the two sets of information. One was the style article and the other article that went along with that week's remarks contained pictures of clothing to choose from. At present, I'm finding the style articles, but can't seem to find the pictures of recommended items. Did I overlook it somewhere? Also I did send in a payment for a color ID, it cleared the bank, but as far as I know, nothing happened. I've sent a couple of emails using my email account (the auto email feature on your website would send it to the wrong email address, so I went around it). Thank you very much for all of your help!

  1. Hopefully Leslie will see this. Have you tried using the Contact Us link below. Customer service was real helpful when I contacted them and they solved my problem quickly.

  2. You can also call the number listed under contact us. I ran into some issues trying to see my information when I first signed up. They were able to quickly resolve it while we were on the phone.

  3. Thank you both for your help. I did initially contact the staff and when they sent the reply, it came on the webpage, which I didn't know about, rather than my email box like I was expecting. I did find the two sets of articles after reading the responses they sent me, so my questions were answered. Admittedly I'm now thinking the other webpage was more intuitive and user friendly. I'll suggest a site map to make things easier, it should save them time answering questions like mine.

  4. Can you share with us how you found it . I cannot find the weekly article or photos

  5. Yes, it's not obvious where the articles are and I don't know why that is, but if you look at the upper right corner of the page you're on, you'll see a gray box with two pink buttons. One is "My Account" and the other is "Logout". If you click on "My Account" you'll go to a page that has the articles, Color ID survey and email responses to any question you send the staff. Next click on the blue print that says "My Personal Profile and Style Articles". That's it. Now the current article that is an introduction to the articles on "My Account" are in the Blog button next to the Home button at the top of the screen. At least that's my understanding at this time. I sent a suggestion to the staff and maybe they will create a site map for those new to the site. PS Everytime I change pages on the site, I get a security warning box, probably due to my computer set up. If you get those, click "No" twice. At least that's how mine works.

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