Short Waisted B

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  1. This week, MSP talked about dressing for short-waisted versus long-waisted on the radio show. I've been a member off and on for a long time but I have never investigated this before. I was too busy trying to get the basics down I guess LOL I did the measurements last night and I came up with a 5 inch difference, which seems like a *very* long ways off from balanced!!! So no wonder I feel uncomfortable when I belt at my waist! I do have a defined waist but with it being so short I guess I instinctively felt 'wrong' when I belted there. I think on the radio show that Leslie said to try a lower rise to help balance a short waist. Can anyone share other general tips about dressing a short waist? I am a B body type. Thanks, Elaine in CO

  1. MSP said if you do belt a short waist be sure the belt is narrow and the same color as your top!

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