Jeans and High Heels?

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  1. Really liked today's style article on Jeans. But,every picture(except 2)showed jeans with 4,5,6 inch heels...some stilleto, some platformy. Where's the comfort/practicality in that? I'm not wearing jeans and heels to go grocery shopping, walk the dog, go up and down stairs with laundry, chase kids. Yes, it seems 'frumpy' to wear jeans and sneakers but is there an alternative to 5 inch heels?

  1. I am new to the site but I have a few suggestions. maybe some flat roman type sandals would be comfortable enough for those activities. I am also a fan of the slip on flats that have been around lately. Some are dressy and some are fun/casual. maybe not great for rigorous activity but better than heels.

  2. Boots! :-) I have one favorite pair that replaced sneakers for me, and I have another pair or two with low or flat heels that are comfortable and look great with jeans. Elaine in CO

  3. I wear ballet flats all the time. They are probably not the cutest, but I wear ballet flats by crocs and I feel like I'm walking on clouds. They look nicer than sneakers and I can wear them when I exercise and am more comfortable in them than sneakers when I'm doing my aerobics video and walking on the treadmill. I can wear them with jeans, slacks, shorts, skirts, and dresses. They are so versitile. I will try to wear knee high boots instead when it's really cold outside.

  4. I like low wedges, or in the summer I wear the espadrille-type sandals.

  5. Good ideas,everyone! I do wear flats and will try boots but was mainly remarking that the pix only seem to show jeans with 5 inch heels - of course the jeans looks good! Even a burlap sack would look good if you wore it with stilletos!

  6. Agreed. I too switch out the high heels (which do look pretty) with practical but cute boots. MSP says having a heel (even a small one) looks best. It works for me :)

  7. I have massive problems with my feet - I have never found a shoe that never hurts my feet at some point! I do love the look of the oxfords plus there are always keds type shoes and kitten heals...I love shoes! Ann in Ottawa, Canada

  8. Several other fashion experts - and I believe even Leslie a time or two - say that you seldom will be able to wear jeans off the rack. Having to hem them is not uncommon.

    Many of said experts also say that when you find a pair of jeans you *love* - have a 'heel' pair, and a 'flat' pair, hemmed accordingly.

    I am short-legged, sz 16 curvy - and my current favorite jeans luckily came in a 16P that was short-legged, vs short-rised - has made a great 'heel' pair without being OMG too long for puttering around the house shoeless. I still had to get a 2nd pair of the same kind hemmed a good 4 inches, for suitable flat-wearing. Some "short" pants will be OK for heels, gotta be hemmed for flats.

    I do this w/ all my work pants that I want to wear with flats (and often even heels - 36" legs on a 27"inseam = insane) as well - 1 for heels & boots, the other for flats & fancy sandals.

    Hope this helps.

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