How do you dress down a LBD?

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  1. Hello everyone! I have a LBD that I wear to work and I know how to dress it up - with heels, a jacket etc. What I want to know is, how do you dress down a LBD? I have a very classic one that is a sheath with cap sleeves. I cannot figure out how to wear it outside of work! Thanks! --Trying to get more use out of my wardrobe

  1. Samjoy, How about wearing a denim jacket or even a colorful knit hoodie over it and adding a pair of animal print flats for a casual look? MSP has been giving me lots of new outfit ideas and it's becoming so much fun!

  2. thank you! I will have to try something like that. Maybe the issue is that I don't own a denim jacket, animal flats or a knit hoodie lol. I wear a lot of suits to work and dressing down is always tough for me as I don't own a lot of stuff in that area other than jeans and t-shirts!

  3. Julie, thank you for that great idea! It never occurred to me to pair my animal print shoes with my LBD. I topped my LBD with a dark raspberry/cinnamon velvet jacket. What an amazing outfit! I can't wait to wear it.

  4. What a fun question! This summer I was teaching summer school and another teacher came in one day wearing her LBD and it stopped me in my tracks! She had combined it with brown and it was fabulous and casual. She was wearing a wide brown leather belt, brown sandles and brown wood jewelry. How about black tights, brown boots, and some very casual brown/burnished gold accessories? Black and brown together is oh so chic! A scarf with browns would work too. If it's cooler you could wear a black cardigan and put a brown belt over it. I'm not a denim jacket kind of girl either :) I just purchased a 'vegan leather' motorcycle jacket and that would be casual and a little bit tough over a LBD! Have fun, use what you do have and express yourself!

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