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  1. I just barely signed up last night. I am a little confused about what is supposed to happen now. Do I receive the weekly email? or do I have to wait until my body type has been identified? I was hoping there would be an FAQ on the forum but I can't see a way to search for one. Can someone help please? Thank you!

  1. Here is the FAQ link from the bottom of this website...it is on the bottom of every page by the Contact Us link.If you ordered an "ID Me" you will get that information in an email once your order clears. I filled out my survey and it came back pretty quick as to what body type I am. http://www.missussmartypants.com/faq

  2. Oh dear, I guess I was being extremely unobservant then. Thank you!

  3. okay, I know I am supposed to wait for my profile to read about my specific body type and suggestions. But does that include the articles everyone is talking about? I was really excited to read about Jeans but all I can find is the blog that can be accessed by anyone. Is this the "generic article" the FAQ says I'll be able to access while I wait? So far I've signed up and I don't have access to anything I didn't already have before I created a login and paid money.

  4. Hi fantum85, after you log in, you should see a pink button in the upper right hand corner that says "my account". Click on that, and then there will be a link to "My style articles". That is the page that has four weeks' worth of style articles and shopping guides. Hope that helps! Elaine in CO

  5. fantum85, Send in your form right away so you will get your body type back. But don't worry about wasting time. Once you get your ID back you will be able to log in and see everything. Like Elaine in CO said, everything is posted for 4 weeks so you will not miss out on the new jeans article. Hope that helps! Julie

  6. Thank you for the responses : ) I am still waiting to be ID'd and I have been so antsy. I am checking my email every day. I want to go clothes shopping! But I want to wait until I can do it right : )

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